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Week 11: 40 Weeks of Kids School Lunches

I can’t even believe that Thanksgiving is next week! I made my first Thanksgiving themed lunch today, but I won’t be sharing that until next Wednesday. Perhaps I need to rethink this posting schedule. :)

Last week was Veteran’s Day, and our girls had a day off from school. So, I’m sharing the four lunches I made last week. Hope they can help give you some ideas when you’re faced with lunch packing!

Week 11 of 40 Weeks of Kids School Lunches - ideas for packing your kid's lunch

Monday: no school! — who knows what I fed them at home. :)

Tuesday: ritz crackers, salami, colby jack cheese, carrots, red bell pepper, mandarin orange slices

Wednesday: ham & cream cheese tortilla roll-up, apple half, triscuits, carrots & peapods

Thursday: croissant, ham, cheese wedge, mini bell peppers, mandarin orange slices

Friday: ham, string cheese stick, triscuit, cucumber, grapes

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    • Kim says

      Thanks Heather. My girls love fruit. In our family we always say that fruit and veggies are God’s candy. :) It also helps me with packing the lunches to run through the little list in my head of food groups.

  1. Nicole Nenninger says

    I have vegetarian kids–and thankfully they’re at the ages where they make their own lunches! Phew! I like to get the single hummus packages for them, rolls to make cheese and pickle sandwiches, fruits, once in awhile yogurt (it has a lot of sugar in it), pretzels, etc. Your lunches look pretty healthy! And your kids are lucky to have a mom who puts a lot of thought into what goes into them.

    • Kim says

      Way to go getting your kids making their lunches Nicole! I’m already thinking of when I’m going to start that. I’m kind of thinking I’ll get my oldest through grade school and once she begins middle school (6th) she can start doing her own. I’ve been planning to get those mini hummus packets. I always see them at Costco, but don’t want that many, then forget to pick them up at our grocery store. I’ve bought full size hummus but I think my girls would think the single serve ones are fun. Thanks for your kind words. :)

    • Kim says

      It’s actually funny because cream cheese is not a real favorite of mine. However, my hubby and I are both really careful about not writing off foods for our girls based on our own biased view. My husband is pretty much a human garberator, so it’s more for me than him. :) My girls really love the garden vegetable cream cheese flavor. I do wonder how many actual vegetables are in it.

  2. Meg @ Lip Gloss and Lumber says

    Hi Kimberly! Stopping by from the SITSgirls. Oh how happy I am to find this. The variety in my girls’ lunches is pretty non-existent and what you’re sharing in this series seems very simple and doable. I can only feed my kids so much peanut butter and jelly, thank you so much for sharing these great ideas. Now hopefully I can add some variety to the lunches I pack :)

    • Kim says

      Yea, yea, yea! This is exactly why I wanted to post them! I find that having the separated containers helps you pack quickly. I just buy lots of the basics and vary each “compartment” so it seems like more lunch options and variations. Best of luck!

  3. Rabia @TheLiebers says

    Those look like great lunches! My kids actually request the same thing every day, so that makes it somewhat easier (but more boring) to pack their lunches. I should try some of these just to surprise them on occasion!

    • Kim says

      I’m not great at it, but you can always change the presentation of the food to make it seem different. So, it you always pack sandwiches, cut them differently (like with cookie cutters or sandwich punches). You can create a shape theme and cut all the food that shape. :)

  4. Andrea says

    I like how you switched up the ham and cheese options each day. My kids tend to want the same things over and over, so this inspires me to go that little extra mile (at least to keep ME from getting bored! haha!)

    • Kim says

      You can always change the presentation of the ham & cheese. Like cut them in mini squares and make kebabs, or use a cookie cutter to make a shape theme lunch! Here’s to happy creating!


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