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5 Ideas for Collecting Books for Christmas Reading Tradition

If you’re a Pinterest lover, like myself, you’ve probably seen those great ideas of reading 25 books for Christmas. You wrap 25 books for Christmas, then unwrap & read one each night. I fell in love with the idea right away! However, after searching my daughters’ rooms I only found about 8 Christmas books. Of course I could go buy 17 more books from Amazon or wherever, but I’m pretty sure with the Christmas shopping going on spending another $100-$150 on books isn’t a great plan. So, I’ve come up with some ideas to build my books for Christmas Reading Tradition.

Ideas for Collecting Books for Starting your Christmas Reading Family Tradition

1) Amazon: Amazon is the go to place for Books for Christmas, but my last option because the pricing won’t be as great for the pocketbook . But if you’re looking for some specific books, the prices are typically 10-15% off list price and if you order $35+, you can get free shipping. Plus, you can get them brand new.

2) Half-Price Books: I just went here yesterday and scored 8 books in really good condition for about $30. There were actually quite a few options and most of them were in very good used condition. And, they’re half price or more!

Books for Christmas found at Half Price Books for our Christmas Reading Tradition

3) eBay: there are quite a few Christmas book lots up for sale. Of course, keep in mind that if you want to wrap all 25 by December 1st to begin, you’ve got to buy right away to allow for shipping.

4) Thrift Stores: a good way to score some books for Christmas, but not a guarantee. If you’ve got one nearby or along a route, it might be worth a stop.

5) Ask your friends: Facebook is so amazing. I belong to a Besties group and people are always posting stuff that their kids no longer use. There’s a chance you could post on Facebook (or ask friends) if they have any books for Christmas they no longer need. The prices will probably be a steal.

Are any of you planning to take part in the 25 books for Christmas Reading Tradition? What’s your favorite children’s Christmas book?

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Katie @ Horrific Knits

Saturday 16th of November 2013

These are great ideas! I love giving books as gifts. I do book swaps all the time now. My name is Katie and I host Fall Into the Holidays, now open. All entries get pinned. I would love to have you link up!


Monday 18th of November 2013

Hi Katie, thanks for stopping by! I love giving books as gifts too. It's my go-to gift for baby showers!