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Week 10: 40 Weeks Nut-Free Kids School Lunches

I cannot believe it’s already November 13th! Thanksgiving is 15 days away and Christmas is quickly following at only 42 days away. How many of you are finished Christmas shopping already?

Here’s a look at the school lunches I made last week for the girls. I’m really enjoying doing these school lunches posts because it holds me accountable to making lunches each day. We had a field trip to the zoo, so one day has a lot of package foods. The girls really enjoy having “fun treat” foods added to their field trip lunches. We have one missing day as I had to take my mom to the airport for an early flight and we paid for school lunch on that day.

Week 10 of 40 Weeks of Nut Free Kids School Lunches - packed peanut free  kid food lunch idea

Week 10 Kid School Lunch

Monday: salami, carrots & peapods, applesauce, annies snack mix, string cheese stick, mini granola bar (**caution note: these quaker mini bars do not have peanuts or tree nuts in the ingredients, however they contain a disclosure “may contain” statement**)

Wednesday: simply yogurt tube, string cheese stick, applesauce pouch, club crackers, peapods & yellow bell pepper

Thursday: bbq beef smokies (these didn’t stay hot enough for my youngest – so would use thermos next time), cucumber & carrots, pita chips, cheese stick, applesauce

Friday: tortilla, yellow bell pepper, salami, cheese wedge, mandarin orange segments

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Thursday 14th of November 2013

I've never found a Quaker granola bar (mini or otherwise) that was nut-free. Could you please post the label? I'd be so happy to find a convenient granola bar that was safe! We make our own, but it's not cost-effective or convenient. :-)


Friday 15th of November 2013

Keri, I'm so glad you wrote this. I actually photographed my eldest's lunch since my youngest and I went on a field trip. The mini quaker bar does not have nuts in the ingredients, however it does have the disclosure statement of "may contains peanut or tree nuts". That's a major error on my part (I'm adding the disclosure to my post!). We actually can get Quaker granola bars from Canada (my hubby's family lives there) that are labeled peanut-free. My in-laws are the ones who buy them and my allergy girl has always loved eating them. I noticed sells them so you can look there, but no notes about tree nuts are mentioned. These mini bars were bought for Halloween and I didn't even think about adding the disclosure. I really appreciate you speaking up about it. My youngest has eaten these and been fine, however, it's definitely not a good plan to send them to school since they "may contain". Yikes! Thanks again, and I'll be on the lookout for completely nut free (no "may contain" statement) bars and let you know if I find some.