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St. Patrick’s Wee Bit o’ Pie to Celebrate Pi Day

Does anyone know what’s happening on March 14th? It’s Pi Day! When the brains over at asked to sponsor some Pi Day celebrations, I couldn’t wait to take part. I’m actually not a big dessert fan, but mini pies are one of my faves. They’re so cute and I love the single serve size! This post in celebration of mini pies for each season is brought to you by

In addition to these great 12 Wee Little Seasonal Pies, I decided I needed to create my own wee bit o’ pie in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and Pi Day! I had to go with apple pies, and used some beautiful green granny smith apples.

A Wee Bit o' Pie for celebrating St Patrick's Day and Pi Day with Pinch o' Luck Free Printable StuffedSuitcase.comCreate your favorite pie crust, roll it out and line the inside of your mini mason jar. I cut a small circle to place in the bottom, then cut a strip to wrap around the inside sides. Once you’ve pushed all the seams together, fill with your favorite pie filling. Finish them off with another round of pie crust (be sure to make slits for venting). For these shamrock pies, I used a shamrock cookie cutter then brushed some green food coloring gel on the shamrock shape. I sprinkled it liberally with some green sugar sprinkles, then placed them on my top round piece with a final green sugar sprinkle. Cook until golden brown around all edges (normally less than a typical 9″ pie takes).

I’m even including my Pinch o’ Luck Pie printable image so you can print it and celebrate Pi Day and St. Patrick’s Day with a Pinch o’ Luck!

I’d love to know, what’s your favorite kind of pie? Which of the 12 Wee Little Seasonal Pies I chose above looks the tastiest to you?

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