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What Questions to Ask your Child’s Pediatrician when Spring-Time Allergies Start

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Spring has sprung, and in our home it means more than pretty flowers. It’s the high season for allergies, for both my youngest and me. Surprisingly, sometimes it can be hard for us parents to identify whether our kiddo has seasonal allergies.

As someone who has been through the struggle of not even realizing my child has allergies, knowing what to look for and what to ask are a big help for parents. There’s a new online resource that I’ve found that is a great resource for parents. It’s the Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit by the makers of Children’s Claritin®. In addition to helping you prepare questions for a discussion with your child’s pediatrician, it also helps parents manage their children’s allergies.

Do you know the questions to ask your child's pediatrician about spring-time allergies?

Do you know the questions to ask your child’s pediatrician about spring-time allergies?

Questions to Ask your Pediatrician

One of my biggest questions as a parent is, “Is it a cold or allergies?” The Smart Allergy MomTM Toolkit has a great section about this, plus it’s a great question to ask your pediatrician. Another part of this question is determining, “What are allergy symptoms?”

Part of the Smart Allergy MomTM Toolkit is a section called ‘Ask’ that helps you prepare for a conversation with your child’s pediatrician. There’s even a handy Symptom Tracker form that helps you note your child’s symptoms. Having that information at hand during your appointment can be helpful for your pediatrician.

You can also get sample questions to ask your child’s pediatrician about allergies. The Smart Allergy MomTM Toolkit has the prep questions available as a printable pdf sheet that you can take to the appointment with you.

The final helpful piece of the Smart Allergy MomTM Toolkit that is helping me now that I know we have allergies is the ‘Learn’ section. It’s filled with helpful tips and trackers to help me stay on top of my youngest’s allergies. There’s also an allergy forecaster to track the pollen count in your area as part of the toolkit.

Our pediatrician prescribed Children’s Claritin® (for ages 2+) when we discovered my youngest’s seasonal allergies over three years ago. Knowing the symptoms of her allergies means it’s easy for me to treat her quickly when she’s suffering. The non-drowsy formula helps her enjoy playing outdoors even during pollen season!

Get answers to your own allergy questions and pediatrician preparation with the Smart Allergy MomTM Toolkit.



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