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Journey Around the World, Solve Mysteries, and Stop Summer Brain Drain

As parents we’ve all heard about the dreaded summer brain drain. Teachers do their best to send home sight words and math units at the end of the school year to help keep our kids’ brains engaged during the summer. But honestly how often do we actually do them. I admit, I’m a strong advocate of learning and helping my kids with their educations, and even I haven’t made summer learning a priority. Today I’m going to share a fun new learning adventure that can help your kids keep their brains active, as well as have fun with global exploration and solving clues. I’ve partnered up with Brain Chase to show how their program is a great blend of travel and learning, a perfect fit for my readers!


Brain Chase is an amazing new website in it’s second year that offers kids a way to engage in a mystery and a worldwide adventure, while using learning activities as the steps along the way. This five week program works by giving kids an intro video each week on their dashboard, and a new set of education missions to complete to get to the bonus clue and next video. Grace and Faith couldn’t wait to get to the end of the week video and worked hard to finish the lessons so they could unlock it.

Brain Chase is an awesome new learning tool to help parents and teachers keep kids learning during the summer and stay active in reading and math. Plus it's a fun mystery adventure too!

Simple and engaging Brain Chase dashboard shows kids what tasks are next!

This year one of the great choices for families who love to travel is the Rosetta Stone language option. As part of the weekly lesson you can elect for your child to have a foreign language unit instead of a writing unit. We’ve enrolled for next year and Grace couldn’t wait to try out Spanish, while my storyteller Faith chose the writing component. They also will have lessons in math and reading.

But one of the most exciting aspects of Brain Chase that draws kids in is the race to discover where the lost artifact is based on clues given in the videos. This year kids and families will be using their brains to chase around the globe and discover when the Sunstone of Cortes is buried. This is a great opportunity to band together as a family and try to solve the lost mystery! Here’s a look at the family that won last year and I just love seeing how they all worked together.

There’s a pretty prize to go along with the treasure hunt for the Sunstone of Cortés; you’ll travel to the destination and have a chance to crack the code to win a $10,000 scholarship! So, free trip and college savings, yes please!

Right now the price for Brain Chase is $199 for the first child and $100 for additional children. But, they’re offering a premium package full of adventure gear (backpack, tshirt, patch) for $249, siblings added for $149. This gear looks really cool, and I can already see my girls carrying around their code gear in the backpack. Did I mention that there are clue devices like decoder rings and magic seeds that kids get to use each week to solve the bonus activity?

Brain Chase Premium Package Gear

Brain Chase Premium Package Gear

Watch below and learn about the mystery of the lost Sunstone of Cortés, then hope over to Brain Chase to enroll your kids in this engaging five week summer learning program!

I reached out to Brain Chase to work with them because I believe in this summer program. They are providing my daughters admission into the 2015 summer program in exchange for this post.

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Friday 8th of May 2015

What an great program! I'm always looking for great learning tools for my boys and this looks right up their alley! Thanks for sharing, I'm excited to check it out.