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Big Hero 6 Movie Family Night Dinner

Yesterday was an exciting day because I bought a copy of Big Hero 6 for a family movie night! Our family went to see the movie together a while back and we all loved it, so I couldn’t wait for us to own a copy for our home. I decided that I wanted to plan a fun themed family night dinner celebrating the new and exciting Big Hero 6 DVD release. If you’re planning to watch the movie with your kids, consider this fun family dinner night to add a little something extra to your evening.

Planning to watch Big Hero 6 as a family? Here's a fun family meal that is perfect for celebrating this fun Disney movie. Includes free printables and custom menu designed around the movie characters.

Big Hero 6 Movie Family Night Dinner

Table Set Up

You can decorate and setup for this family night at a very affordable price. I visited our local dollar store where I purchased a red tablecloth, purple plates & silverware, white napkins, white serving plates, red and purple crepe paper rolls, and mylar star balloons in red, white, and purple. I then created printable food tags and a menu, which I’m including as free printables below! You can also choose to hang a Big Hero 6 poster (I picked this one up at my local Walmart in the party area.)

Plan a Big Hero 6 Family Dinner meal complete with themed dishes based on the popular characters from the Disney movie!

Decorations for our Big Her0 6 family night dinner & movie

Menu / Food

I decided to plan a burrito “bar” of sorts going with the idea of the stuffed burritos looking like Baymax, hence Baymax Burritos!

  • Tomago Tortillas : flour tortillas
  • Hiro Microbots : black rice (I also added black beans since we love them on our burritos)
  • Aunt Cass Chicken : shredded salsa chicken (kind of a play on her spicy wings!)
  • Wasabi Laser Slices : avocado slices
  • Fred Flames : salsa
Fun recipe ideas for planning a Big Hero 6 family dinner night.

Aunt Cass Chicken : Shredded Salsa Chicken

Plan a family dinner night with Big Hero 6 special food like these Hiro Microbots.

Microbots! Black rice and black beans

Fun food ideas for planning a Big Hero 6 Family Dinner and Movie Night

Enjoy these Wasabi Laser Slices, hold the wasabi, double the avocado

Plan a family fun movie night with the great Disney Big Hero 6 movie featuring Baymax Burritos made from food all based on the movie characters.

Baymax Burrito foods

I also made a special treat for dessert, Honey Lemon Molecules!

Honey Lemon Molecules - Dessert Recipe for Big Hero 6 Movie Night

Honey Lemon Molecules – Dessert Recipe for Big Hero 6 Movie Night

Below you’ll find my free printables for the Big Hero 6 family night dinner menu and food item labels. If you’d like to say thank you, could you please share with your friends by using the share buttons below!? Thank you SO much!

Baymax-Burritos-Family-Movie-Dinner-Big-Hero-6   Big-Hero-6-Dinner-Menu-Food-Signs
Hope you enjoy and have a great family fun time together with Big Hero 6!
Plan a menu of Baymax Burritos for a fun family dinner meal based on the Big Hero 6 movie characters.

Yummy Baymax Burritos and add a cup of water or milk in a handmade Baymax cup!

Our family loved our Big Hero 6 Movie Dinner Meal!

Our family loved our Big Hero 6 Movie Dinner Meal!

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  1. That’s so fun! I haven’t seen this movie yet but it looks adorable (and I’ve been wanting to see it for a while!). What a great way to have a nice family bonding time.

  2. This is so fun! I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I do want to rent it to see what it’s all about. I’m sure my daughter would love watching it. I love the idea of making a party out of it! The food names are just too adorable. =)

  3. This is such a fun idea for a special family dinner! I just bought the movie for my son today, and I might just have to put this meal together to go with it. Thank for the freebies!

  4. I can’t decide if I am more jealous that you have seen the movie (which we haven’t yet) or that your kids eat all those wholesome goodies AND enjoy them!!

  5. I love your family movie night ideas – so creative and fun!! On the Big Hero 6 movie night, had to say that I missed Aunt Cass’ cookies!! When she picks them up from bailing them out, she eats her cookies at the coffee house. That scene always makes me crave cookies. My comment is in fun. Keep it up. I love your blog. ❤


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