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Top Tips for Bringing a Puppy Home

Best Puppy Food

Choosing a quality dog food is an important part of dog ownership. A food that has quality ingredients and not a lot of fillers will also cut down on your backyard clean up! If you’re adopting from a breeder or shelter, you’ll need to transition your puppy to your food of choice from the food that was fed to them previously. Instructions for this are normally found on dog food bags.

Sophie loves her Wellness CORE dog food and treats, and I love that it's healthy and made with quality ingredients!

Sophie loves her Wellness CORE dog food and treats, and I love that it’s healthy and made with quality ingredients!

I can say that Sophie loves her Wellness CORE dog food. The Wellness CORE dry dog food was just named as a top dog food with a top 5 star rating by the Dog Food Advisor rating site. This means they looked at the ingredients of the Wellness CORE and it ranked as being the best for dogs, containing no harmful or questionable ingredients.

CORE® is a grain-free family of natural dog food that is protein- focused, so it’s full of great flavors dogs will love and big on nutrition. Bring excitement to feeding time with a variety of meaty meals, dog treats and toppers, all designed to keep your dog happy and healthy!

Feeding a quality food might seem more expensive, but I can say we’ve noticed that Sophie actually eats about 1/2 a cup less per day of the Wellness CORE than she was of her previous food. I also like knowing that I’m feeding her quality food since she is an important part of our family.

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  1. Callum Palmer says

    I hadn’t thought about it before, but I really do like the idea of limiting your puppy to where they can go in the house and then expanding it from there. That must be especially helpful for teaching them where to go to the bathroom. It must also be really useful for not overstimulating their young senses with too much stuff to explore.

    • Kimberly says

      I had read it in a puppy guide and it made total sense! Kind of like how they tell you not to pick a crate that’s too big bc the puppy will find a spot they don’t “need” and use it as their bathroom spot.

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