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Campfire Banana Splits

This post was originally sponsored by Nestle Toll House and Social Fabric.

Nothing like spring and summer to get us out into the backyard and enjoying campfires in the evening. Of course a classic campfire treat is roasted marshmallows, but I’ve got a new take on campfire treats thanks to Nestle Toll House and their yummy chocolate morsels. The other day I saw their springtime morsels in the grocery aisle and they made me think of banana splits. I’ve created this Campfire Banana Split recipe as a fun take on the classic.

Campfire Banana Split Recipe for Summer Backyard Dessert Fun!

Nestle Toll House is celebrating their 75th Anniversary of the semi-sweet morsels and they even have fun new packaging out to recognize this major anniversary. I’m sure all of us have fond memories of stealing a few of those semi-sweet chocolate chips from the classic yellow bag. I headed to my local Walmart and stocked up for our campfire banana split night. I chose the milk chocolate morsels, but you could grab the yummy semi-sweet instead, then I also added on some butterscotch and springtime morsels. Add in some bananas, foil, and mini marshmallows and we were ready to party.

Campfire Banana Split Recipe Ingredients |

To really make the night special I put together a tray and mini bowls as a topping bar for the kids to serve themselves.

Toppings Tray for Campfire Banana Split recipe |

I cut the banana down the middle lengthwise and spread it open, then handed it to the kids on a sheet of foil. The kids went crazy topping them with the Nestle Toll House morsels and mini marshmallows.

Adding toppings to a banana for campfire banana split recipe

After the kids topped their bananas we wrapped them up and placed them on the fire. We had a grill grate from an old mini grill and it worked perfectly. You don’t want to place them directly on a flame, instead they should just sit near the flame with the hot embers warming the bananas slowly. We left them on the heat for about 7-10 minutes. We checked them around 5 minutes, but the toppings hadn’t melted enough. NOTE**the foil gets hot so make sure only adults are doing this. My hubby used his work gloves to open up the foil after we took them off the fire.

Cooking Campfire Banana Splits over a fire

The banana gets all soft and gooey, mixed with the chocolate and marshmallow means one ooey-gooey and rich dessert. The kids loved them, but note they are rich! Grab a spoon and enjoy your dessert straight from the banana peel! I served the bananas to the kids in lined burger baskets. Paired with some hotdogs for dinner, and you’d have a great backyard fun night!

Campfire Banana Splits - yummy rich dessert recipe for backyard fun!

I just love finding new ways to enjoy family favorite ingredients like the Nestle Toll House morsels! Here’s to a fun and yummy summer! Be sure to check out Campfire Conversation Starters for some added fun during your family campfire! Or if you’re headed on a camping trip, use my camping meal planning free printable to help you organize your meals and food for camping.

Campfire Banana Split Recipe - Backyard Summer Family Fun

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  1. Angela Travels says

    Wow, the memories. I used to go camping every weekend in the summer months with my family. These were one of the treats we were able to have if we were good. I love making them on a campfire! Mountain pies are an easy dinner option (especially pizza ones).

      • Angela says

        Cast-iron press for the campfire. It is so easy to be creative with them. If you have a fire pit, then you should buy them. Easy for a nice night campfire if you have shredded cheese, pizza sauce, and bread. I am sure your girls would love it!

    • Kimberly says

      I love having fun family memories that can be remembered and handed down through the years! Thanks for visiting Danielle!


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