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Printable Camping Meal Planner Template

Our family just returned from a weekend away staying at a county park in a camping trailer. One of the things we loved most from our weekend was the delicious meals we shared together. Creating a camping meal plan in advance meant we had some great meals.

We really enjoyed branching beyond the traditional camping fare since we had access to a fridge, freezer, and kitchen. I decided to create a cute camping meal planning template for my readers to be able to use on their next camping vacation.

Use this Camping Meal Planner template free printable to plan your meals for your next camping trip
Camping Menu Meal Planning Printable

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Whether you’re camping in a tent, trailer, or renting an RV, this printable will help you organize your meals and be sure that worrying about food isn’t a part of your outdoor vacation!

How to use this camping menu printable:

  • In the header at the top note how many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners you’ll be eating.
  • Write down what meal you want to make for each day you’re camping in the Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 boxes.
  • At the bottom note your snacks & drinks, desserts, and any condiments/spices you’ll need.
  • Make a shopping list for items not found in your home.
  • Gather and pack up all the food you’ll need from home and from your grocery shop.

Then enjoy your family time and the yummy meals! Use my campfire conversation starters if you’d like some fun topics to talk about during dinner or dessert.

Camping Menu Meal Plan Template

We loved having supplies for s’mores and campfire popcorn each evening, but we did forget butter for our corn on the cob one night (thankfully the corn was delicious on its own!) Having nothing planned but fixing dinner and hanging out was such a wonderful bit of family time.

Do you love to go camping? What kind of camper are you? Do you love KOA campgrounds, prefer wilderness, or perhaps you’re more into glamping, which is definitely my cup of tea!

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