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Step-by-Step Photo Guide Newark Airport EWR to New York City (Manhattan)

With traffic always being unknown in NYC, I typically prefer to take the public transit train from the airport into the city. It’s normally a quick and affordable way to transit. I just flew into Newark again and thought I’d make this step-by-step guide with photos to help others looking to go from EWR to New York City.

taking the train from ewr to new york city manhattan

This method will take you to New York Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan. Penn Station sits between 7th and 8th Avenues and 31st and 33rd Streets.

If you’re traveling via JFK, check out my post with details on how to get from JFK to NYC by train.

Key Takeaways for EWR to New York City

  • You’ll take the AirTrain to the Newark Train Station where you’ll ride a New Jersey Transit train into NY Penn Station.
  • Keep your ticket with you and easily accessible for all steps of the trip.
  • The cost is $15.75 for one-way tickets for adults. Travel time is approximately 1 hour.
  • Alternative options are the NJ Transit Bus/Express Bus, Uber, taxi, or private shuttle/car.

Arriving in EWR

When you depart your plane at EWR, you’ll come into one of three terminals, A, B, or C. All three terminals connect to the AirTrain, but Terminal A will require a shuttle to the AirTrain, whereas B and C both have access to the AirTrain directly from the terminal.

After exiting your plane, follow signs towards Baggage Claim, and once in the main terminal, follow signs for AirTrain. For B terminal, you don’t go downstairs for baggage claim, the AirTrain station is on the same level as arrivals.

airtrain entrance at ewr airport b terminal

Terminal A will need to exit baggage claim and use an AirTrain shuttle bus. When I was at Terminal A, it was bus stop 15 outside baggage claim.

Once you reach the AirTrain area, there will be ticket machines where you can buy tickets. If you don’t spot the machines and get on the AirTrain before buying your tickets, don’t worry, there are also ticket machines at the NJ Airport Train Station at the end of the AirTrain.

Buying a Train Ticket from EWR to New York City / Penn Station

Once at the ticket machine, you’ll touch the screen and answer each of the prompts, starting with English or Español. You’ll want to choose to go to NY Penn Station. Do NOT select Newark Penn Station.

Next, you’ll choose if you want to buy a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket. There is no discount for buying a round-trip ticket. The cost is $15.75 one-way for adults, $3.50 one-way for children, and $11.75 one-way for seniors or disabled. Round-trip tickets are double those one-way prices.

round-trip ticket screen from newark airport to new york city
one-way ticket screen for train from ewr to nyc
paying for ticket from ewr to new york city

After you have your tickets you’ll make your way onto the AirTrain platform. Look for the overhead signs for the track for “Terminal B/C, Hotel Shuttle/Parking, Train Station”. The AirTrain trains are divided into small pods, so be prepared to be cramped or look for open space if you’re a large party or have a lot of luggage.

airtrain entrance at newark airport b terminal

Ride the AirTrain past all stops, Terminals B and C, Hotel Shuttles/P4 Parking, until you reach the end of the AirTrain at the Neward Airport Train Station. This train station services NJ Transit and Amtrak lines.

map of airtrain route ewr
airtrain from ewr to newark train station

NJ Transit from EWR to NYC Penn Station

You’ll exit the AirTrain and follow the signs up for Trains to New York. Again, if you forgot to buy your ticket in advance, you can buy your ticket at one of the machines at the station.

sign for escalator to trains at newark ewr train station
signs for nj transit trains

As you arrive, look at the monitors to see when the next train is for New York and note the track number. If there are multiple NYC train options, you may want to ask which is the quickest. I only had three stops on my route, but my friend had more than that and her trip took longer.

newark train station track monitor and ticket machines

TIP: need a little more confidence/direction about which train to take? Use Google Maps to get directions from EWR to NY Penn Station (my screenshot is for the reverse trip FYI). When you select the public transit option, you’ll see the trains listed with departure times and can expand to see the stops along the way.

google maps directions for transit train nyc

Once you have your ticket, you’ll need to scan the QR code on your ticket at the turnstile booth to make your way to the tracks. Every time I’ve taken the train from EWR to New York City, I’ve used Track A. NOTE: transit employees are typically in the area wearing red and they can help if you’re unsure. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions!


You’ll go down to your track and wait for the train. For Track A there is a small waiting room with restrooms. The waiting room will also have monitors for the trains and help you see your train and when it’s due to arrive.

ewr train station waiting room

When your train arrives, board and take a seat. There are luggage racks on the wall above the seats, but they are far in on the bench seats and your items could slide. If the train isn’t too crowded, most small bags roller bags, and backpacks can fit in the seat next to you.

nj transit train from ewr to new york city

Most recently my train seating was bus style, but I’ve also had a double-level train and had more of a coach bus style seating with less room for suitcases.

Keep your ticket handy as a train conductor will come by and check your ticket. As there are few signs on the train, it can be a good idea to ask the conductor what number stop it is for NY Penn Station. You can also listen carefully to the announcements. Or use the Google Maps tip above to check for the number of stops.

NOTE: you will lose cell signal towards the final stretch into Penn Station.

Arriving in NYC from EWR

You’ll exit the train onto a walkway between tracks and want to follow signs to either 8th Ave or 7th Ave, depending on your final destination. You’ll also have to make your way up from the tracks to the main Penn Station. There are elevators or stairs.

nj transit exit signs at ny penn station

Once you arrive upstairs in Penn Station, follow the signs for exits to the best corner for your final destinations. There are typically taxis available nearby once you exit the station.

Taking the NJ Transit train from EWR to New York City will take about one hour.

Getting from NYC to EWR

If you’re returning from NYC (Manhattan) to EWR, you’ll pretty much follow these directions in reverse.

Enter Penn Station and look for the NJ Transit Ticket area of the station. Buy your ticket, unless you already purchased a round-trip ticket. There are typically transit workers at the ticket sales area that can help guide you as well.

nj transit train entrance at penn station on 8th ave and 33rd street
NJ Transit entrance at Penn Station on 8th Ave and 33rd Street
NJ Transit tickets at Penn Station

Check the monitors to find the next train to the airport, you’ll see it marked with an airplane icon. Note the departure time and track number. Track numbers will have an E or W for east or west, so be sure to note that. Then find the proper track entrance and take the escalator down.

train track board at penn station
train track entrance at penn station in new york city

Follow the signs for your track and get on your train. Listen carefully for the announcements and/or ask the conductor what stop number for the Newark Airport.

NOTE: DO NOT forget your ticket on the train. My ticket got punched and the conductor left it on my seat so I didn’t think to grab it. BUT, you need that ticket to clear the gates from the Station onto the AirTrain. Since I didn’t have my ticket, I had to spend another $8.25 to buy a gate ticket to scan past the turnstiles to get on the AirTrain.

Alternative Ways to get from EWR to NYC

The train is my favorite way to get from EWR to Manhattan. It’s easy, affordable, and won’t be affected by rush hour traffic. However, there are a few other options that you might want to consider. And, keep in mind the time of day you’re traveling. During late night hours, I’d probably avoid the train and just hire a private car service or rideshare for safety.

You can take a bus. The NJ Transit has bus service and bus routes. There is an express bus in partnership with Coach USA that picks up at each of the EWR terminals and stops at the Grand Central Train Station, Bryant Park, and Port Authority Bus Terminal (near Times Square on 8th Ave). This costs $18.70 one-way, and $33 round-trip.

Order an Uber or catch a taxi. Rideshare can be a great option if you have a couple of people in your party. Depending on traffic, it can be a quicker option than the public transit NJ train. Expect to spend about $70 on an Uber from EWR to Downtown Manhattan, assuming there aren’t any extreme backups or surge pricing. Taxi ride will cost between $55 and $75 depending on your destination and traffic.

Finally, you can always order private shuttle services. This will cost much more than taking public trains, however, it can also be much easier if you are a family, traveling with multiple bags, or if you don’t want to stress about all the steps to take the train. I also feel that Uber or a private shuttle is ideal for anyone who has mobility disabilities.

Keep in mind that all of these alternative methods can be affected by traffic and rush hour. The train can be affected by track issues, but overall is the best way to reach the city in my opinion.


As you can see, taking the train from EWR to New York City isn’t too difficult and is the cheapest way for solo travelers. I love using public transportation when available to help me save some money and avoid the NYC traffic headaches! For about $15 and one hour of your time, you can get to lower Manhattan with ease.

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