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About Me: Kimberly StuffedSuitcase.comHi there! I’m Kimberly, a Kansas girl who longed for travel. Unfortunately, I did not possess a pair of ruby red slippers to whisk me away to the Emerald City. Ironically enough, I did have access to a plane and now reside in the Emerald City, beautiful Seattle, Washington. I still don’t own any ruby red slippers, but I have learned to travel and explore without them!

My wonderful husband of twelve years also enjoys our traveling experiences. We’re not a family who dreads packing or planning for trips. I actually start to get an itch if I don’t have a trip on my books to research, plan, and book. Researching and planning are a definite hobby for me and thanks to the internet, there is a multitude of information out there.

Our travels now include our two delightful daughters who have been traveling with us since they were infants. By one year old they both had experienced travel by planes, trains, and automobiles. They’ve experienced western Canada, Hawaii, England, Mexico, the Caribbean, and various sites in the United States. I often wonder what they’ll recall when they get older since they were so young during many of these trips.

If you also like to travel, I hope this blog will give you some useful advice and tips. And even if you don’t like to travel or are hesitant to travel with your family, you might find encouragement and insight here. Traveling as a family is fun!

Life between trips is a reality for us. You’ll see me sharing peeks of our family life and tips to help you enjoy your family time more. So, let’s stuff your suitcase and get you taking fun vacations and making amazing family memories.

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