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Kidpik Review – Clothes Subscription Boxes for Kids

With two girls in the house, clothes shopping is definitely part of our lives. Both of my girls love shopping at the mall, but their focus and energy is limited. That’s why I was excited when kidpik reached out to see if I wanted to review their subscription boxes. They’re curated fashion boxes tailored to my girls’ style!


First, you sign up online at kidpik. Part of the sign up process allows kids to take a style survey to help kidpik tailor their boxes for them. The survey asks questions ranging from what are your favorite colors and prints to how much bling you like. My girls loved creating their style profile and comparing their answers with each other.

Kids can take the style quiz that asks a lot of questions like their favorite colors and prints.

Kids can take the style quiz that asks a lot of questions like their favorite colors and prints.

The subscription boxes are free to order and deliver. You only pay for the clothes you keep! While you select your delivery frequency on set up (1 pik per season (4 per year), 2 piks per season (8 per year), 1 pik per month (12 per year), or one pik (one time), kidpik is commitment free and you can pause, cancel or change frequency at any time.


After completing the online setup, all that’s left is to wait for your kidpik box to arrive. Both Lizzy and Mia were bursting at the seams for me to let them open their boxes when they were delivered. When you sign up for the service you have the option of adding shoes, so each box contains seven items with the shoes.

We unpacked the boxes together and it was like Christmas morning to them. Here’s a video to showcase some of the fun they had unboxing their new fashions.

After you unbox your goodies, you only keep what your kid loves and return the rest. You do receive a 30% discount if you keep all the items, so each item comes out to about $12. Our kidpik box total cost was $103 for the seven items, including shoes.
One of our kidpik boxes - this one was for Lizzy

One of our kidpik boxes – this one was for Lizzy

Our other kidpik box - this one was Mia's

Our other kidpik box – this one was Mia’s


I love this service as a fun and unique gift idea for kids sizes 4-14. I think this could be a great option for grandparents to gift their grandkids. At this time however I don’t see a gifting option, so hopefully kidpik will start that soon. If you wanted to gift a kidpik box or subscription, you just need to either complete the style quiz for your child (not always the best idea), or do the setup alongside your child and set up as a one time box, or subscription.

Another important note is that all the fashions are a private kidpik line of clothing. It’s not a curated box of other clothing brands. My girls were a bit confused by this since favorite store brands is part of the survey. In my honest opinion the clothes are basic quality, at an average price of $12 they’re spot on with that valuation. I do feel the styles are modern and trendy. And Lizzy, my 12 year old, did feel the sizing ran small so some of her size 14 peices did not fit well.

It’s also good to note that if you have two girls you can obtain boxes for both of them, but there could be some duplicates. Both of my girls had close enough style choices that they both received the same dress, one in blue, one in purple. They also both received the same black glitter booties, which they both loved. This could be great if you have girls that like dressing alike.

We enjoyed the kidpik service!

We enjoyed the kidpik service!

Would I do it again?

Overall we’re very happy with the service and even though we received the boxes complimentary for review, I wouldn’t hesitate to subscribe again for additional boxes. I think it’s a fun service and great for Christmas and/or back to school!

Looking for a unique gift for girls? Here's a fun subscription box service for kids that delivers fashion to your door. Also great for those busy moms who can't find time to go shopping with their daughters!

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Sunday 29th of January 2017

I love kidpik... it has amazing clothes!!! If you haven't used kidpik yet, you will love it when it comes to your front door.