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Build and Create Kid Fun with Bunchems Alive Toy + Giveaway

There’s a new toy on the market that my kids are loving, Bunchems! These mess-free little fidgets are the perfect toy for your creative and build-happy kiddos. Plus, with the Bunchems Alive they can make their crazy creations move.

Bunchems are colorful little balls that are textured so they stick together. They are completely mess-free, and attach to each other almost like magic. My girls likened them to velcro. It really is a bit like magic how easily the Bunchems attach to each other. Plus, clean up is a breeze because they stick to each other.

Bunchems stick together like magic! copyright Stuffed Suitcase |

Bunchems stick together like magic!

Kids can use a variety of colors and build whatever they can think up with the pieces. The directions in the box have design directions for building specific creations, but also some building tips that will help your kids come up with their own creative ideas. You can squish them and connect them, turning them into a variety of shapes and creations.

copyright Stuffed Suitcase |

It’s fun to create with these Bunchems!

It’s good to note that if you have kids with long hair, you need to pull it away from their face and keep it away from their Bunchems work area. This is very specifically stated in the directions, since hair can become tangled around the Bunchems. We also built on our hardwood floors since we didn’t want the Bunchems to get caught in any fibers from rugs or carpet.


Create cute animal friends with Bunchems Alive

The tactile building aspect of using Bunchems was one of the things my girls loved best. I have to admit that the texture is really fun, and you’ll probably even get drawn into building your own creation! Just holding and playing with the Bunchems is like a fidget toy for active learners. The kits also have some add-ons like eyes, hats, and mouths to dress up your creations.

Watch your creations come alive with Bunchems Alive!

Watch your creations come alive with Bunchems Alive!

The Bunchems Alive offers a whole new level of fun to your kids’ creations. Bunchems Alive is a motorized round ball that you can stick Bunchems to, allowing your creations move. Lizzy had fun building a cute puppy dog that liked to shake and spin when the Bunchems Alive ball was activated. Next they want to try and build the dragon that’s shown in the Bunchems Alive directions.

Need a great gift idea for a kids birthday or for Christmas? This new build and create toy is great for encouraging kids' imaginative play!

This toy is one your kids will love!I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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