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Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles and Clues

Since it’s become a tradition for our family, and here at Stuffed Suitcase, I’m bringing you our latest installment of Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles! These are fun printable clues that will lead your kids around the house in search of their present. It’s even great as a christmas scavenger hunt for adults!

This series has six Christmas scavenger hunt riddles and two blank cards in case you want to write your own. You might even want to grab your favorite clues from our past Christmas scavenger hunt clues to make your ideal scavenger hunt.

Our original Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues
And even more Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

For a full year of family fun check out my ultimate list of scavenger hunts!

On Christmas morning you’ll want to have wrapped the first riddle up as a package to be opened under the tree. Or you could consider handing the hunter the clue at whatever time you choose. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to find time to place all the other clues in the special spots before they open the first clue, and you don’t want them to see one of the other clues! Sometimes the divide and conquer approach works where one parent can entertain while the other hops around to place the riddles.

Plan a fun search for kids with these Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles! Stuffed-Suitcase

Plan a fun search for kids with these Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles! click to download

It’s a good idea to mark down the order you’re planning to use the Christmas scavenger hunt riddles and where they lead so you can be sure to place each riddle properly. Here is a sample Christmas scavenger hunt layout:

Open Gift for Riddle 1
Riddle 1 (dirty fork, plate) –> dishwasher (find Riddle 2)
Riddle 2 (cold as freezer) –> freezer (find Riddle 3)
Riddle 3 (sit on couch) –> couch (find Riddle 4)
Riddle 4 (dry in spot) –> dryer (find Riddle 5)
Riddle 5 (warm it fast) –> microwave (find Riddle 6)
Riddle 6 (day bright) –> coat closet (find GIFT!)

You can choose your own order for the riddles and use as many or as few as you want. A few things to keep in mind, make sure they won’t find a clue while looking for other clues, also make sure your final spot is big enough to hold the gift!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles from

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles

This year I also found a fun new way to dress up the riddles, christmas gift card holders (affiliate). I picked mine up at Target but amazon has some darling ones. These are a cute way to help the kids find the riddles in the hiding spots. In previous years we’ve used christmas envelopes. The clues this year are sized to work in most gift card holders.

Download our new
Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Thanks so much for reading, and if you like these riddles I’d really appreciate if you’d share this post with your friends or followers!

Here's the ultimate fun for Christmas morning, and a new family Christmas tradition. Place these Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles around the home and watch your kids follow the clues and hunt for their gift!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Family Tradition

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Bibiana Beardsley

Thursday 3rd of December 2020

This is great for my 20-something kids, to keep the magic alive.


Thursday 3rd of December 2020

Fun for all ages! My husband still does one for me! :)


Sunday 23rd of December 2018

I am definitely using the riddles this Christmas. As a child my mom would write riddles (of her own) for us to find a BIG gift. She always said as kids got older Santa would have a little fun with them. Over the years we have done a follow the string game and riddles with my now 20 year old kids, but this year it’s the 8year olds turn. He is a comical kid so he will love that Santa sent him on a big chase for his most desired gift. Thanks for saving me from writing my own.


Monday 24th of December 2018

That's so great to hear, KC. Thank you and I'm already planning some fun twists to the hunt for next year!

Alpha Dawg

Thursday 10th of December 2015

Wonderfully creative and fun for the whole family. Thanks for sharing.


Thursday 10th of December 2015

Thanks for commenting! I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas! :)