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Valentine Crafts: DIY Sachets & Printable

Walking through Hobby Lobby the other day, I spotted some great Valentine’s Day fabric. I wanted to do some Valentine crafts and this fabric inspired me. Then I had to think up an idea! I decided to make some sachets that would be great for my girls, or great for gifts.

Valentine Crafts Sachets - Hey Valentine You're SCENTational Free Printable StuffedSuitcase DIY #sewingFirst, I purchased some lavender oil (essential oils would be great, unfortunately I couldn’t find any and used some soap making lavender oil). I added some drops of oil to some rice for use as the filler. I also wanted to fill one sachet with cedar chips, so went to the pet store. Unfortunately they didn’t have cedar chips, so I purchased some generic wood shavings. My hubby said a hardware store probably would have cedar, but I just used what I got at the pet store.

Valentine Crafts DIY Scented Sachets - Valentine's Day Gifts Free Printable

  • Create a uniform heart shape (I used powerpoint) and cut out a template.
  • Trace the heart shape onto your fabric and cut out at least two pieces. I chose to have different fabrics for the front and back. I also zig-zagged a felt heart onto one of my pieces.
  • Match up two pieces with right-sides together (wrong side facing out).
  • Sew a narrow seam leaving about 1.5″-2″ opening (not-sewed). Trim seam near stitching, but leave open seam section full length.
  • Turn right side out. Press (make sure to tuck non-sewed section inside)
  • Fill with your preferred material (lavender buds, scented rice, wood shavings). Don’t overfill or you’ll have trouble closing the open seam.
  • Stitch closed the open seam (hand-stitch or sewing machine).

I created some fun printable tags for you to use on these valentine crafts. They say, “Hey Valentine, you’re SCENTational“.

Valentine Crafts DIY Sachets Free Printable "Hey Valentine You're SCENTational"


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    • Thanks Melissa! I think I’ll keep an eye out for lavender buds and make another one with those when I find some!

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