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I Spy Travel Items: Universal Studios Discount Tickets & Lots of Kids Stuff

I went to Costco the other day without my kids or husband. I had no idea it could be such a nice experience! I’m just kidding, but it definitely was a different experience to just be on my own. As I was leisurely browsing, I found a few things I wanted to share with my readers.

Universal Studios Discount Tickets

Universal Studios Discount Tickets at Costco for 2 days StuffedSuitcase.comFirst up was this 2 day pass for Universal Studios Hollywood for $69.99. This seems like a pretty good deal. The first visit has to be used by 3/31/2014 and the second visit has to be used within 30 days of the first use. Right now it looks like Universal Studios Hollywood has a special for getting all of 2014 if you buy one day for 2013 at the cost of $84. This would be a better deal if you’re wanting to return in 2014, however if you only want to go one or two days, the Costco deal would be the way to go.

Kids Travel Fun

One of the top tips for traveling with kids is to have a new activity or toy for them to use during the trip. Here are some of my finds that I spotted that would be great for your next family vacation (or for Christmas)!

Fun Kids Toys and Activities for Family Vacation Travel or Christmas found at Costco

1. These cute American Girl Pet Travel Carrier Sets are perfect for your American Girl fan. They include a pet, some accessories, and a mini activity book.

2. A Doc McStuffins medical set bag is perfect for your Disney animal lover. I think lots of kids would love to tote this bag around and perform checkups on their fluffy friends.

3. I had to find something for those boys out there (mom of 2 girls, sorry), and this Star Wars Mr Potato Head was too cute. If you’ve got a trip to Disney planned, this would be such fun. I have to admit though, it’s not exactly travel friendly.

4. Disney dolls! So many little girls would love to have this friend along for their trip.

5. This Sofia the First Dress Up Set would be so great for a halloween trip. The little stuffed Sofia doll that comes in the set would make this one so much fun.

6. We actually own a LeapPad and Faith loves it. Costco had a Starter Pack for $99.99 which included the LeapPad2, a Gel Skin, and a $20 Download Credit.

I Spy Travel Items found at Costco

1. These personal notebooks are perfect for those who like to journal during their travels.

2. Crayola Super Art Tub, this isn’t filled with art supplies. It’s actually empty in the center, but has some crayons and markers around the edges. The tub would be a great way to store all the art supplies during your travels.

3. These Disney books were so cute! They include figurines and a play mat that match the stories. I spotted Planes, Minnie, Princesses, Doc McStuffins, and Cars.

4. Fashion Sketch Kit. This is something my 9 year old Grace would love. A perfect activity book set for the kids outgrowing the Disney stuff.

5. Costco almost always has these large sticker/activity pads. They even had Marvel. Perfect for a road trip.

Target Fun

I also went to Target and spotted some great clearance deals in the arts & crafts aisle.

I Spy Target Art clearance

Hope this helps some of you out there who have upcoming trips planned!

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