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Tips for Apple Picking Fall Fun

Leaves are changing colors, nights are getting cooler, and pumpkins abound. The season of fall is being ushered in with complete beauty here in Seattle. We’ve had some sun-filled days over the past week. For many, fall also means the season of apples, and with that, apple picking!

Apple Picking Tips for Fall Fun Activity with Kids - Tips for visiting an apple farm (orchard) via StuffedSuitcase.comSpontaneously, I planned an apple picking outing for our girls one day after school last week. The Farm at Swan’s Trail in Snohomish, Washington has been posting on their Facebook page about their u-pick apple trees being open for business, and I couldn’t let a sunny day pass without heading out there for a visit. Here are some tips to help you make the most out your own apple picking trip.

  • Check the website/Call the farm ahead of time to ask for their hours and what their current crop is for apple picking. The Farm was seeing the end of it’s Honeycrisp apple crop, however the Jonagold apples were ripe for the picking! They also run shorter hours on the weekdays as the weekends are their peak visit times.
  • Bring your own basket/bags.  The Farm at Swan’s Trail gave us a beautiful bag for our use, but that isn’t always the case. I had brought a basket and bag for each of the girls so they could keep their own apples. They really became attached to the apples they picked and I was glad they each had their own bags. You also want to make sure you have something to bring the apples home in since some farms only offer baskets to use while apple picking.
  • Discuss the apple picking rules before setting the kids loose.  Faith grabbed for one without holding it properly and it dropped onto the ground. Rule at The Farm is you drop it, you buy it. Which is only right as you can’t have people (kids) wasting good apples and letting them rot on the ground.
  • Set an apple picking limit for your kids.  A tree ripe with apples is like an apple picking dream for kids. They’re going to want to grab A LOT! And if you have more than one kid, it’s really hard to make sure each of them are making good choices and being careful. If they know they’re only apple picking for 4 or 5 apples, they’ll perhaps take a little more care in their choosing and picking.
  • Bring cash, just in case.  Some u-pick farms work on an honor system of payment. You weigh your apples (produce) and then leave the payment in a payment box.
  • Lastly, have an awesome apple recipe & ingredients ready to go for when you get home. You won’t be able to resist the opportunity to turn your apple picking trip into some yummy goodness!

Has anyone else been apple picking this fall? If you’re looking for some great fall getaways, check out these fall family getaways in New England, this fall biking trip on the Stowe recreation path, these fall trips in the Georgia mountains, and these amazing fall destinations in California!

Apple Picking with Kids - Great Fall Activity for the Family

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  1. We also went apple picking this fall (but I haven’t posted about it yet!). I will have to include a link to your tips, because they’re spot on. I just kind of winged it since this was my first year going with three little boys. Looks like y’all had a great time!

    • We did have a great time Chamisa! Any fall day in Seattle that has sun is pretty much icing for us! Glad you liked the tips. I actually had to add the cash thing because I had to hunt for someone who could give me change since I just brought a $20 bill. Thankfully I found someone or I would have been paying about double for my apples!

    • Wow, Apple Cream Tart! That really is a recipe. I’m sure it would be even better with some fresh picked organic apples. You should ask friends or check the web to see if there are any organic u-pick places near you! :)

  2. These are great tips, Kim! We have several orchards in our area so these tips are helpful! I’m hopping by from Home Stories A to Z (my post is #29 Living Room Makeover) Have a great night!

    • Hi Carrie, thanks for visiting! I’m glad you liked the tips and hope you’ll get a chance to go apple picking soon!

    • What!? Why didn’t you get apples? There will probably be lots of WA apples in your stores soon. Let me tell you that the Jonagolds are awesome this year! :)

  3. Kim, your tips are spot on! We’ve always gone apple picking, but now that we live in New England, I feel like fruit picking is almost always in full swing (with the exception of winter of course!) My favorite tip is your last tip. I start collecting apple recipes in the late summer so that I can bake/cook up a storm with all the fresh apples.

    • Aida, thanks so much for the kind words & for stopping by! I’m not a huge baker so I had to search for an apple recipe. There are definitely quite a few of them out there! :)

  4. I went apple picking for the first time this year. I can’t believe how much fun we had and the apples were the best I’ve ever tasted. Such great tips like bring your own bag and cash. We failed on both accounts.

    • It’s all a learning game in life, right!? Next time you’ll be a little more prepared. :) Totally agree that they’re the best apples I’ve ever tasted!

  5. Thanks for all the great tips- especially the one about bringing your own bags! We are going apple picking for the first time today, and that’s definitely not something I considered! Stopping by from the SITS Sharefest! Have a great Saturday!

  6. Great tips! We just went apple picking last Saturday. It wasn’t prime time for our favorite apples, but my husband had the tdday off, so we went with it. The only thing I would say is different, is that our orchards around here tell us not to eat apples off the ground because of the manure they put around the trees to fertilize them. It makes the apples that are dropped unsafe to eat.

    • Hi Rabia! So great that you’ve enjoyed the apple picking season! As I mentioned it’s so important to know the rules. Your experience really emphasizes that point. Have a great weekend!

  7. This brought back great memories for me, since I was raised in a rural farming town and often picked apples in the Fall. Having raised my own family in the suburbs, reading this article made me realize that my own kids have missed out on this fun tradition… but I do still have two young enough to appreciate apple picking, and Monday is a holiday, sooooo… thanks for the tips! Here from Sharefest, by the way!

    • Hey Kristen, saw the apple tasting on Instagram. Very fun! One day you’ll have to take a trip somewhere in the fall to go apple picking! :)

    • Sounds like you’re pretty lucky if you can pick apples from your back garden! You probably don’t need to worry about a lot of these tips! :)

    • Hi Monica! Thanks so much for visiting & for featuring! Can’t wait to see it and add a new featured pin to my sidebar! :)


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