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Week 20: 40 Weeks of Nut Free Kids School Lunches

Another week in the books. I’m actually in Africa right now, but these are the lunches I made before I left. My hubby is on lunch duty while I’m away, so I won’t have any photos next week.

Week 20 of 40 Weeks of Nut Free Kids School Lunch Ideas - lunchbox packing StuffedSuitcase.comWeek 20 Kids School Lunches

Monday: GoPicnic Ready-to-Eat Meals Turkey Slices & Cheddar (nut free!), carrots & cucumbers

Tuesday: salami slices, tortilla bites, babybel cheese, peapods, mandarin orange

Wednesday: sunbutter & jelly bagel thin, peach slices, carrots
(packed in Ziploc Container, Divided Rectangle)

Thursday: turkey slices, babybel cheese, crackers, apple, peapods
(packed in Ziploc Container, Divided Rectangle)

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  1. Thank you! My kids don’t have peanut allergies, but kids in their class do so we can’t send anything with peanuts. I have been pulling my hair out! This will be very useful.

  2. Luckily, my kids don’t have any food allergies, but they each have friends that do. These are great ideas for snacks when we have those friends over.

  3. I’m so glad I hopped on over to your blog! I’ve actually been racking my brain for a better variety for my daughter’s lunchbox and I am enjoying going through your lunch archives. I get stuck in the rut of sandwich, fruit, etc and never change it up. I hadn’t even thought of Babybel, but she loves those! :)

    • Yea Lena! If you can find some mini food cutters (like bento supplies) you can cut fun shapes in the wax of the babybel cheeses. My girls love it when I do that! :)

  4. This is great- I can’t wait to go through and look at all your lunch ideas. We are nut free also. My three year old is peanut allergic and I feel like I pack him the same five lunches every week.


    • So happy you stopped by Kym! Have you heard about Wowbutter and Sunbutter? We love using them as peanut butter alternatives!

      • We love wowbutter and also just discovered I.M. Healthy brand soynut butter that my non allergic son says tastes even more real. I tried sunbutter once but the texture seemed really stiff. Is it better for cooking?

        • I’ve never heard of the IM Healthy brand. I do think sunbutter has a stiff consistency, but my girls still like the flavor. I haven’t tried any baking with them yet, but I’m wanting to try some peanut butter blossom kiss cookies soon!

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