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Gamer Girl Play Date Party with Nintendo 3DS XL

Do you agree with ‘Mii’ that girls are gamers too? My girls are definitely into playing video games and while managing the screen time in our household can sometimes feel like a full time job, I enjoy seeing their creativity explode in the digital world. Both of my girls love having friends come over for play dates so I couldn’t wait to plan this party which combines two of their favorite things, friends and video games!

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Gamer Girls Party

My planning started with the two games they were going to be playing on the new Nintendo 3DS XL devices, Tomodachi Life and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf your Mii character is the town mayor and you’re able to customize your own home and the happenings around town. Your choices affect the town as time passes and the seasons change. We started our day by coloring our favorite seasons onto pieces of poster board that would serve as the backdrop for our next craft.

Coloring Backdrop Seasons

Coloring Backdrop Seasons

Next the girls grabbed the devices and cozied up on the couch to play. There were so many sweet laughs as their characters said funny things or they tried to come up with what to name characters and locations. Don’t you want to visit Russell Wilson on kitten island?? I wasn’t sure how the sharing would happen but they all had fun taking turns with the devices and watching whatever was taking place on the screen. Since the top screen shows a lot of what is going on, the girls not “playing” were able to easily see what was happening. They loved the extra large screen!

Nintendo 3DS XL



Animal Crossing: New Leaf game Nintendo 3DS XL



Tomodachi Life Game CoverSome of their favorite parts of Tomodachi Life are:

You get to make friends and live life and grow up.”

It’s like living a virtual life!”

You can even have a Nintendo 3DS XL in the game!”

Animal Crossing - New Leaf Game CoverSome of their favorite parts of Animal Crossing: New Leaf are:

“You get to be the mayor of a town.”

You create your own house.”

You can pick flowers, and pears off trees!”

New stuff shows up even when your game is off and you weren’t playing it!”

After playing on the 3DS XL devices for a while we took a break to build our own town houses from graham crackers and icing while enjoying some yummy green leaf cookies. Thankfully the digital architecture is a little more sturdy than the graham cracker icing kind!



Nintendo_3DS_Gamer_Girl_PartyWe all had a fabulous time together and my two girls loved having their friends over for some gaming and creating time. And even long after the party was over, my girls just couldn’t stay away from their make-believe lands…

After Party: late night Nintendo 3DS XL fun

After Party: late night Nintendo 3DS XL fun

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Tuesday 23rd of December 2014

As a party planner I love a good party! Looks like all the girls had a blast with all the different activities you planned! Can't wait until my girls are old enough to play these games.


Tuesday 30th of December 2014

Thanks so much Sarah! The girls had so much fun and it was a great way to organize a play date!