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40 Weeks of Nut-Free Kids School Lunch: Week 4

Hi again everyone! This week was another four meal week in our household. Our school district sponsored a local farms fresh food day at the schools and I wanted my daughters to participate. Do any of you have schools who work with local farms to provide fresh, local food and ingredients? My girls had chicken, a biscuit, and they got to pick two local veggies (servings) and a local fruit. I want to support our district when they choose to provide special days like this, so I gave the girls each $2.75 ($5.50!) and sent them off to school. They both said they enjoyed the food, but they’ve always enjoyed vegetables and fruit. They said there was no extra announcements or signs up that told about where the food was from. I think that would have been a nice touch.

Week 4 No Nuts Kid School Lunch

Week 4 of 40 Weeks of Nut Free Allergy Kids School Lunches #peanut #free #lunch

Monday: croissant, ham slices, cheese stick, apple half, edamame

Tuesday: chicken noodle soup, babybel cheese & crackers, cucumbers & mini bell peppers, applesauce cup

Wednesday: Farm Food at School Day

Thursday: chicken & pesto bow tie pasta, apple half, carrots & snap peas

Friday: croissant, ham slices, cheese wedge, pear sliced, avocado & carrots

If you’re just now reading this series, you can read about why I make nut-free lunches in my first post.

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  1. Kim Len says

    Thanks so much for posting this 40 days of nut free lunches! Our son has a peanut allergy and is going to summer camp all summer for the first time… we have to pack his lunch every day. This will help us with ideas!


    • Kimberly says

      Great Kim! Hope all goes well for him. My youngest attended full-day camp for the first time last year and I remember the extra worries food added into that. The camp counselors were great and thankfully my daughter has a very good awareness of food safety for her health. I’m sure he’ll have a great experience!

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