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Top Tips for Bringing a Puppy Home

It’s National Dog Day! Our life sure has been brighter since we welcomed home our sweet labradoodle puppy, Sophie. The road to bringing home Sophie was a long one, one full of research. Here are my top puppy dog tips for when you first bring your sweet pup home. I’m an ambassador with Wellness Dog Food, and this post is part of my sponsored ambassadorship with them.


Puppy Home Area & Kenneling

One of the best puppy dog tips that I read and implemented had to do with keeping your puppy restricted to one room of your house. We brought home a very social labradoodle, so our family room was the room we chose since it was where we spent the most time. Having a specific room also helps you “puppy proof” it, focusing on one area instead of the whole house.

Another import part of this space training is to have a crate or kennel for the puppy to sleep in. At first I felt bad at the idea of kenneling our sweet puppy, but it really is best for them. She viewed the crate as a safe space, and it allowed her to relax enough to sleep. We have two floors and kept a crate upstairs for bedtime, and one in our downstairs for her naps and while we left the house.

We made our own fence to keep her restricted in our family room, but a dog crate fence would work well. The idea is that keeping them restricted and slowly adding rooms helps them adjust and learn the home is part of their living space. This feeds into the next subject, potty training and house training.

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Callum Palmer

Tuesday 19th of September 2017

I hadn't thought about it before, but I really do like the idea of limiting your puppy to where they can go in the house and then expanding it from there. That must be especially helpful for teaching them where to go to the bathroom. It must also be really useful for not overstimulating their young senses with too much stuff to explore.


Tuesday 26th of September 2017

I had read it in a puppy guide and it made total sense! Kind of like how they tell you not to pick a crate that's too big bc the puppy will find a spot they don't "need" and use it as their bathroom spot.