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Top Tips for Bringing a Puppy Home

Sophie graduated puppy training brilliantly!

Sophie graduated puppy training brilliantly!


Training is almost just as important for the owner as it is for the puppy. Learning the system of queues that dogs read can help you learn and adapt your own habits to be a better leader for your new puppy. We enrolled Sophie in puppy training at PETCO, and I enjoyed taking her to the classes. It’s important to talk to your veterinarian about when it’s ok for your new puppy to start socializing with other pups and go to training classes. Vaccinations are important to make sure you new family member doesn’t pick up something bad from another animal.

With a car harness, Sophie soon learned proper behavior in the car and now rides beautifully!

With a car harness, Sophie soon learned proper behavior in the car and now rides beautifully!

Another part of training that I feel made a huge difference in the long term is car training. I purchased a car harness for Sophie to wear when she rode in the car. It was worn across her chest and the seatbelt fastened through it to keep her safe in the car. What this in turn led to was a restricted puppy who soon learned where her spot in the car was. We’ve since had numerous car rides with Sophie and each time she sits and stays in her assigned seat.

Brining a new puppy home can bring such joy to a family, but if you don’t put in a bit of work and effort you can also find yourself feeling a lot of stress and frustration. Hopefully these puppy dog tips have helped you, and will help your family welcome home your new furry family member!

Be sure to check out the Wellness CORE dog food and treats, they’re great quality and evidently taste great too according to Sophie. Lately, she’s really enjoying snacking on her CORE Superfood Protein Bars!

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  1. Callum Palmer says

    I hadn’t thought about it before, but I really do like the idea of limiting your puppy to where they can go in the house and then expanding it from there. That must be especially helpful for teaching them where to go to the bathroom. It must also be really useful for not overstimulating their young senses with too much stuff to explore.

    • Kimberly says

      I had read it in a puppy guide and it made total sense! Kind of like how they tell you not to pick a crate that’s too big bc the puppy will find a spot they don’t “need” and use it as their bathroom spot.

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