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What to Do When Your Child Gets Sick on Vacation

Thanks to Allianz Travel Insurance for sponsoring this post, providing travel coverage for the unexpected. Stuffed Suitcase received financial compensation from Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company).

Imagine planning the perfect Disneyland vacation. You’re on day two of the trip, waiting to ride Haunted Mansion. When suddenly your child turns to you and says, “I don’t feel good”. Then proceeds to vomit, right there, in public, in front of Haunted Mansion. Yeah, it happened to us. And chances are pretty good that it could happen to you. Here are my tips for what to do when your kid gets sick on vacation.

My favorite family travel tips for dealing when your child gets sick on vacation. Steps to take and tips to help you save your trip | family travel | kids | vacation tips | health tips

No family wants it to happen, but it can. Your child might get sick on vacation.

Call it Quits

The biggest mistake I see families make is to keep going. When your child is sick, they need to rest. Plus, if they’re contagious you owe it to other families enjoying their vacations not to spread those icky germs around.

Plan for Rest and Water

When your child gets sick during your vacation, head back to your hotel or home base, and take it easy. Snuggle them into bed, perhaps put on a fun show for them to watch, and have them start sipping water. Don’t stress about what you’re missing, instead hope that a good rest and fluids will chase the buggers away and you’ll save the rest of your trip.

Talk to Your Hotel

If you’re staying at a hotel, don’t hesitate to let them know if you need help. On our mentioned Disneyland trip, our hotel brought us a soup bowl and chicken noodle soup packet along with a kind get well note. And if your little one gets sick in the room, they’re quick to help with sheet changes, extra towels, and clean up help.

Get Medicine

You might have already packed a first aid kit that will help you, but if not you’ll probably need to get some medication to help your kiddo. If you’re traveling domestically it can be simple to pop over to a local drugstore if needed, but if you’re traveling internationally do you know what to do?

The Allianz TravelSmart app has a handy medication dictionary that can help you find medication if you’re overseas. If you need some fever reducer and want acetaminophen, the app helps show you that you should look for paracetamolum when you’re overseas. If the illness is severe enough to need a hospital, the app also helps show you trusted hospitals near you.

File a Claim with Your Insurance

If you helped protect your vacation by purchasing travel insurance, you might be eligible to file an insurance claim for your losses due to your sick child. If you missed flights or had to cancel the trip due to a sickness (verified by a physician), you might be eligible for reimbursement.

To make filing travel insurance claims easier, Allianz has launched a system to make managing travel insurance claims easier. Redesigned claim forms are easier to understand and use, customer’s have the option of selecting a direct deposit payment to their checking account, and they can use the company’s TravelSmart mobile app to easily file and track claims.

When you travel with family, you have to be ready for anything. It’s one of the best ways to reconnect as a family, but also might bring some challenges. Don’t let a child’s sickness ruin your vacation. Take some simple steps to go with the flow and hope for a fast recovery!

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