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5 Steps to Prep Your Car for a Road Trip

I’m sharing these road trip tips as part of a sponsored campaign with P&G.

Summer is fast approaching and that means a lot of people will be hopping in their cars and hitting the road for the classic road trip experience. While there can be ups and downs for any trip, it’s best to start off right before heading out on the open road. These five tips are going to help you prep your car for a road trip and make sure you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Watch this quick 1 minute video to show you how to prep your car for a road trip!

#1 Car Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to make sure your car is physically ready to make a long trip. Make sure you’re up to date on any scheduled maintenance and that there are no safety concerns. Also be sure to check your tire pressure and fluid levels. I like to top up our windshield washer fluid, and buy one that fits the season I’m driving in; deicer for winter, bug formula for summer.

#2 Clean the Car

Clean your car before a road trip

Clean your car before a road trip

The best thing you can do before heading out on a long road trip is to clean your car out and start fresh. One tip is to use a large basket or box to unload all your unnecessary items out of the car. Then you can clean the windows, dust the interior, vacuum the floor, and add an air freshener.

To dust your car, I love using Swiffer Dusters, you can buy a large box at Costco. They’re perfect for getting in all the corners and bends of your car dash and doors, plus they work well on dusting the vents.

And there is nothing worse than a bad smell when you’re on a road trip. So be sure to remove any food or garbage when you’re clearing out your car, then use a Febreze CAR vent clip to keep your car smelling nice during your drive. I picked up a 4-pack at Costco in the auto aisle.

#3 Essentials & Emergency Kits

You need to pack some essentials for your road trip. This begins with packing a roadside emergency kit that can include things like jumper cables, flashlights, water bottles, and reflectors. Then pack a small kit that will help you clean up any spills or messes; things like paper towels, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and a first aid kit.

#4 Snacks & Water

No road trip is complete without snacking along the way. Save some time and money by packing some of your favorite snacks before you head out. Keep them in a box or bin in easy reach. For kids you can even separate the snacks into equal boxes so there is no fighting about who has eaten what. Then, pack a water bottle for each person to use while traveling. Again, this will save money so you’re not buying beverages at every stop.

#5 Pack Smart


When loading the back of your car, keep in mind what you’re going to need access to as you stop along the way. Keep those bags closest to the trunk door so you can easily grab whatever you need. For families with overnight stops, I recommend having everyone pack their overnight and next day items in one bag or suitcase, so then when you stop at the hotel, you only need to bring in one suitcase, not everyone’s.

These five simple steps will help you prep your car for a road trip and start your trip right. Now all you have to do is enjoy!

Great road trips information to help prepare your car with steps to get it ready for the road trip. I especially love tip number 5!

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