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Secret Backstage Entrance for Disney World Park Hopper – Express Transportation

*** UPDATED 09/05/2017: Unfortunately this service is being / has been discontinued. :( ***

I’m currently in Walt Disney World and discovered a new transportation secret that can save people with park hoppers a lot of time. With the new Express Transportation service, it’s like getting a secret backstage entrance into the parks at Disney World.

The Disney Express Transportation service is new, so it’s in a testing period. I really hope they keep the service since I think it can be a time saver for Disney guests, especially families.

Looking for Disney secrets? How about skipping the lines to enter when park hopping and going backstage to transfer between parks? Use the brand new Express Transportation service at WDW!

New secret backstage transfer service for park hoppers at Walt Disney World – Express Transportation | © Stuffed Suitcase

What is Disney Express Transportation at WDW

This is an service add-on that can be used for guests with park hopper tickets. Disney Express Transportation has special pick up locations in each theme park. Guests who buy the service can check in and be escorted backstage to a bus to be transferred to another park.

The perk is that you only have to clear the turnstiles and security lines once a day. The Express Transportation let’s you skip the lines on the parks you visit later in the day when hopping.

How Much Does Express Transportation Backstage Service Cost?

The cost for the service is $19 per person for a single day, and $29 per person for 7 days. You can add the service onto your MagicBand at the park entrance ticket booths, or at the Express Transportation check in stations. The check in stations can only pay via credit card.

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How Often do the Express Transportation Buses Run?

The buses run every 30 minutes in the parks, but the times vary based on which park you’re transferring to. The times are set, so ask at the check in station when you arrive in your first park. You’ll want to arrive about 5-10 minutes before the departure time to check in for the transfer. For example, in Epcot the Animal Kingdom buses ran on the :40 and the :10.

How Long Does Disney Express Transportation Park Hopper Transfer Take?

The bus time varies based on which parks you’re transferring between. Our travel time from Epcot to Animal Kingdom took about 20 minutes with the special backstage entrance and express transportation service.

Save time with Express Transportation at Epcot in Walt Disney World - secret tip for hopping between parks at WDW | Disney tips

Express Transportation at Epcot in Walt Disney World – secret tip for hopping between parks at WDW | © Stuffed Suitcase

Is Disney Express Transportation Worth It?

I honestly felt that there was a convenience and time savings with the service that made it worth it. If you’re a family who has a little extra money and would appreciate the quicker transfers, I recommend it. Consider, you don’t need to exit park 1 and you don’t have to enter through the main entrance of park 2.

In addition to time savings, this also can save a bit of walking for little legs. Plus, families hauling around strollers, bags, and kids, know that a little convenience, some time savings, and shorter walking is like liquid gold.

Adults who really want to park hop at Disney World should absolutely consider buying the service. Imagine hopping around for your favorite rides or foods all day long. Not only is it helpful, it also ups your Disney game. Just a bit with how much CAN you cram into a day?!

Hope you enjoyed this write up on the new Disney Express Transportation. I loved getting a secret backstage entrance for hopping between parks. Please feel free to write a comment below if you have any questions or want to share about your own experience!

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Sunday 3rd of September 2017

Unfortunately this service is no longer going to be available after October.


Tuesday 5th of September 2017

Thanks for the heads up, that's so sad! I really loved using it. I have heard they're doing the "minnie vans" now, perhaps they're looking to go that route instead, but the skipping the whole chaotic entrance back ups was the real delight. Really sad this didn't "take".

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Tuesday 2nd of May 2017

This is such a great tip! I'm definitely trying this out next month.


Friday 5th of May 2017

So handy if you want to hop between the Disney parks!