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Organized Moving Tips :: A to Z Packing Tips

Susan-Organized-31-about-me-600We’ve been learning all about packing tips for traveling on vacations, but today we’re getting some organized moving tips for travels that involve relocating your home. A big welcome to Susan who is going to help get you organized for any upcoming moves.

Hi, I’m Susan and you can find me at Organized 31. As a veteran, a military brat and now a military spouse, I’ve moved into and organized over 20 homes. I believe life is better when organized and simple. I love repurposing items whenever I can and I love making crafts and recipes for my family and friends.

Tips for Moving on Your Own

I’m excited to be here and share tips that I’ve learned in over 20 moves. Some of the moves were handled by the military because we moved across the country or across the world, but many of the moves were just across town and we handled those on our own. And I consider moving my daughter to college over 10 hours away by myself valuable moving experience. Whether you’re a college student or a family, moving yourself across town can be done on your own with a few simple tips.

Pack everything you can well ahead of time. Pack away out of season clothing, holiday decorations, books and anything you can earlier rather than later. Packing ahead of time will make it easier for to stay organized and you’ll have time to do a better job of packing.

Check Craigslist, Freecycle and local recycling Facebook groups for free boxes and crates. Start checking these resources as soon as you know you’ll be moving because free boxes go quickly. You can also post that you’re in search of boxes so that anyone with extra packing boxes can pass them along to you. But be picky about the boxes and packing material you are willing to reuse. You don’t want to bring dirt or vermin into your new home.

Pack boxes small enough and light enough that you can carry them. Don’t over-pack boxes. Smaller, lighter boxes are easier for you to move and easier to fit into a car or truck.

Look for boxes or sturdy bags with handles. Using boxes and bags with handles makes it easier to carry items up and down stairs and longer distances. You can use cloth shopping bags or sturdy paper shopping bags (like from a boutique) for packing non-breakable items. I often tuck a towel or pillow case over the top of the items in the bag to help keep them from spilling out during transport.

Lay the hanging clothes from your closets on a clean sheet in your car or truck. There’s no reason to waste time packing your hanging clothes up. Simply carry them from one closet to the next and save time, energy and packing boxes.

Use towels, sheets, blankets, pillows and even clothing as packing materials. Don’t waste money purchasing packing paper when you can use items you already have and have to move anyways. I’ve even used paperback books to cushion dishes and other breakables.

Once you have the keys to your new home, take something over every time you go. Starting with your trip to pick up the new keys, take a carload of items over every time you head over to your new home. If you’re going by the new place, take more things with you. It’s much easier to do smaller loads if you’re headed that way anyways than to do one all day move if you don’t have to.

Ask friends, coworkers or even a church youth group for help moving the big items. Don’t be shy about asking friends to help you move. Offer to make a party of it in exchange for their help. But be sure that you’re ready to go when you tell your helpers to show up. Don’t make them wait around while you start packing. Tip – don’t serve alcohol until all the moving is completed.

Moving on your own can be done smoothly and relatively painlessly. Remember that planning ahead and doing as much prepacking as you can will help make your move a success. Best wishes in your new home.

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Ryan Biddulph

Monday 19th of October 2015

Hi Susan,

I pack my stuff 3 to 5 days ahead of travel dates to ease travel related worries. I never wait until the last minute; that's a recipe for disaster. Fabulous tips.