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The Important D’s of Packing : A to Z Packing Tips Series

stefanie-making-of-a-momTime for another great packing tip with our A-Z Packing Tips series! Stefanie from Making of a Mom is back one more time to share some fun packing must haves for our letter of the week, D. Stefanie is a wife, and mom to three adorable children. While she’d rather be eating chocolate on a cruise, you will find her playing with her family at home in Kansas City.

Packing Tips series - Important D's to pack for your vacation

Packing Tips series – Important D’s to pack for your vacation

Packing can feel overwhelming and exciting at the same time. After all, you’re about to head somewhere, so that’s fun, but remembering what to pack can be a bit of a challenge. Check out these things you should pack that start with the letter “D”. 

Deodorant- Make sure you smell good!

When it comes to packing and traveling, one of the main things you don’t want to miss out on smelling good. Don’t forget the deodorant when it comes time to pack for your next trip. 

Duffle Bag- Plenty of room!

Make packing incredibly easy by using a duffle bag for all of your items. Duffle bags are ideal for packing because they have lots of pockets and they’re easy to carry around. Duffle bags make a great carry on when flying!

Dramamine- Keep the motion sickness at bay.

If you or someone you travel with gets sick easily, don’t forget the Dramamine. You’ll want to feel as good as possible while traveling, which is why Dramamine is the perfect item to bring with you while traveling. 

Dress or Dockers- You might need to dress up!

Going on vacation may bring about some weird opportunities. Pack a dress or paid of Dockers (if you’re a guy) just in case you need to dress up for a fancy occasion. Both fit nice and nearly into a duffle bag, so you won’t have to work about it taking up extra room. 

Dimes- Extra change is always a good thing.

While traveling, you might come across several situations where you need change. Bring extra dimes, quarters, and pennies to help make things easier when you do need the change. 

Depends or diapers- You can never be too sure.

No matter what age group you’re packing for, you just might need the Depends or diapers. Pack a few just in case.

If your prepared with the important D’s of packing, then your trip should be a big success!

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