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A to Z Packing Tips : Chargers are a Must!

stefanie-making-of-a-momTime for another great packing tip with our A-Z Packing Tips series! Today I’m welcoming Stefanie from Making of a Mom to share with us about packing chargers on trips. Stefanie is a wife, and mom to three adorable children. While she’d rather be eating chocolate on a cruise, you will find her playing with her family at home in Kansas City.

Packing Tips : packing chargersI love to travel with my family. I love getting to spend quality time with my children and husband and make memories to last a lifetime. I think it’s very important to take tons of pictures while on vacation so my family can look back on our fun times and remember them. We have taken our children around the world and some of the trips they don’t remember because they were so young. With our pictures we can show them the trips and tell them stories that they can have forever. In fact, on Sunday’s our favorite game to play during dinner is “Do you remember when…” and someone will talk about a memory during travels. We will then talk all about that trip and help our children remember.

BUT all the picture taking will come to an end when batteries die! Chargers are vital to a successful trip. When I say chargers I am referring to wall plugs and external battery packs. I am obsessed with making sure all of our devices are powered up so I can capture any moment as it happens. For this reason when we travel we take a lot of chargers.

I would suggest getting 1-2 really good external batteries that charge multiple devices. It always seems that my husband and my phone are dying at the same time. It isn’t a problem, though, because I have an external battery that chargers 3 devices at once. At night, make sure you charge your external batteries so they are ready for the next day of fun. I also recommend having a wall charger that several devices can plug into. Keeping your batteries powered up will keep the capturing of memories alive! Happy Travels!

Thanks so much for the tips Stefanie! Be sure you check out our other packing tips : A : Alcohol Packed in Checked Luggage, B : Building Lists & Plans, and grab my packing list for families and kids printable packing list.

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Kerri (The Maven)

Tuesday 9th of June 2015

Well, you know how I feel about chargers! How many times did mine get borrowed or used not by me on #BuickWineEvent? Chargers are this girls best friend. :)


Wednesday 10th of June 2015

Exactly! And carrying a booster battery pack is even more useful!


Tuesday 9th of June 2015

It seems so obvious, and yet the minute you realize you've forgotten a charger... is just when you need it! :) They are crucial for conventions too! I took my kids to Phoenix Comicon last weekend and we're in the convention center all day for 4 days in a row. We had to recharge ALL OF THE THINGS each night when we returned home, including the external batteries. We're leaving on a trip to the east coast this week and in the packing efforts I had everyone put all of their electronic devices on the kitchen table along with the corresponding charger so I can create a unified place for everything and get it all charged up before we leave the house. Nobody wants a dead tablet or e-reader on a 6 hour flight! Thanks for the reminder! :) Cj


Tuesday 9th of June 2015

It's amazing how much we rely on them and it only takes one kid forgetting one (or one adult!) to really impact a vacation! Great tip to have everyone bring the devices and chargers together beforehand so one person can get it all managed and packed away!