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5 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip with Baby

It’s been a few years since we ventured out on a road trip with baby, so I invited my friend Jes to share some of her tips since she’s tackled that adventure lately.

I can’t believe it’s October! Just a few months ago I was worried I wouldn’t make it through the summer because of all the things we had on the calendar. Our family had a pretty busy summer and while we enjoy sharing these memories with our kids, it is also stressful to prepare to go on a road trip with baby and toddler.

Hello, my name is Jes and I blog at Mommy Envy about chalk painted furniture and home decor. I also like to encourage women to start where you are. It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others but it’s important to remember to stick to your goals and develop the talents you desire.

My family loves to go on road trips. We love to visit family or see new sights. But when it comes to babies and toddlers there are a lot of unexpected things that could happen that you might not be prepared for. After a busy summer I think we’ve become pros!

Dreading or worried about an upcoming road trip with baby? Don't fret! Use these 5 travel tips to help ease the way. I especially love tip #3!
Tips for Surviving a Road Trip with Baby!

Here are my top 5 tips for taking a road trip with baby and toddlers:

Bring lots of snacks. Bring a variety of snacks. It’s important that everyone is in a good mood when you have such close quarters and snacks are a great way to keep everyone fed and happy. I like to bring fruit for a healthy option and fruit snacks or goldfish as a fun option too. Water and drinks for the kids is important too. Babies can munch on special snacks made just for them including good ole’ cheerios.

Plan to take breaks. There are some great rest stops out there with lots of room to run around and get some of that toddler energy out. It’s also needed if you’re nursing or want to give your baby a bit of cuddle feeding time. On some of our breaks it’s hard to get back into seats which is a great time to bring out a snack or…

Bring a variety of toys. I love getting back in the car from a break and pulling out a toy they haven’t played with yet on the trip. It’s like getting a brand new toy! I’ve also heard that getting a couple new toys at the dollar store and wrapping them like gifts for certain times along the trip works well too.

Drive when they are tired. Nap times and night time is a great place to get started on a trip. We often start in the evening and drive for 4 or 5 hours to our first stop. The kids sleep and parents get some quiet time. Make sure you aren’t tired though!

Pack extra clothes. Even if your kids are in diapers! They are probably eating and drinking more so they are more likely to fill those diapers quicker (another reason to take more breaks). Our oldest gets motion sick and we always have to get through mountain passes to go on road trips so we pack towels and extra clothes.

I wanted to give you a couple more tips on kids with motion sickness. Have their carseat in a place they can feel the AC blow on them. We seat our oldest in the middle on road trips so he can get the vents from the back seats and I can also point the front vents on him when needed.

We also play games that require him to look out the front window like I Spy and the ABC game. During rough patches or winding roads we cover him with a towel just in case (and without fail it’s a good thing we do). We haven’t tried the (affiliate) Dramamine for Kids yet but I think we will on the next road trip.

I love hearing new tips because I think we learn something new on every road trip!

What are your tips for going on a road trip with baby or toddlers?

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