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I’m Headed to Africa!

Today is an exciting day! I’m headed to Africa! This will be my first trip to that continent and I am so excited for this new travel experience. I’ll be traveling with my in-laws, and leaving the hubby and kids at home. Sounds a little unusual, right?

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Seeing new countries – we’re headed to South Africa & Botswana
  • Taking tons of photos
  • Going on a safari & game farm drive
  • Trying some new foods
  • Shopping for some unique treasures
  • Attending a local church service
  • Meeting and talking with local citizens

Things I’m worried about:

  • The 16 hour flight (more on that later)
  • Being away from my daughters for 16 days
  • Being away from my husband for 16 days
  • Forgetting something (even some of us travel “experts” still worry about that)
  • Getting sick or injured

So, I’m definitely letting the good outweigh the bad here, and can’t wait for the trip. But, I’d appreciate any good thoughts and prayers you could send my way as I embark on this adventure! Stay tuned to all my social accounts (blue buttons below) for updates and photos!

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Kristi D

Tuesday 11th of February 2014

Wow! Sounds like a cool trip! I've never been to Africa, so I will check back to see how your trip went. #SITSBlogging.


Wednesday 12th of February 2014

I've posted my first post with a couple of others to come: A Q & A Look at My Trip to South Africa & Botswana

Kim Seghers

Monday 10th of February 2014

Kimberly, how exciting ! I always wanted to go to Africa. I hope you a had wonderful time and enjoyed your travels with you in-laws! #Sits Have a great week, Kim


Wednesday 12th of February 2014

I had a fabulous trip Kim. And it was great visiting and traveling with my in-laws. I'm sure we'd win an award or something! :)

Lara Mealor

Wednesday 5th of February 2014

Oh my goodness! SO jealous. I have many friends from South Africa. You will love it there. Make sure to post pics on Facebook!


Wednesday 22nd of January 2014

I just found your blog and I am excited to read a bunch of your posts! I recently returned from 6 months in South Africa and it was a wonderful experience (even though the flight is horribly long!) I hope you enjoy your time there and I look forward to reading about your trip!


Tuesday 4th of February 2014

6 months, wow! What part of South Africa were you visiting? I had a great time and really want to try and head back. The airfare for a family of four would put quite a dent in our travel budget, so we'll have to wait and see.


Monday 20th of January 2014

Wow, exciting! Prayers for a fun and safe trip :) Can't wait to hear all about your adventures.


Tuesday 4th of February 2014

Thanks Chamisa! Back home now and looking forward to sharing about my experiences!