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The Garden Lodge on the Chobe River Botswana Africa

Experiencing the breathtaking beauty and relaxation of The Garden Lodge while visiting Botswana was one of the highlights of my trip. The lodge is tailored towards creating a truly magical experience for a limited number of guests. You won’t find never ending hallways of doors and floor after floor of rooms. Eight rooms with twenty-two beds allows The Garden Lodge to pamper is guests and give specialized treatment to each visitor. Add to that it’s situation upon the Chobe River, and you can’t find a better place to get away and experience the natural beauty of Botswana.

Hotel Review: The Garden Lodge on the Chobe River in Kasane, Botswana Africa StuffedSuitcase.comThe Garden Lodge Kasane Airport Service Pick Up StuffedSuitcase.comWe were picked up by one of the lodge guides, Innocent, from the Kasane airport. Greeting us with a smile and grabbing our luggage, he started our trip off right! I was so excited when I discovered we would be riding in a “safari” jeep. I’ve always envisioned that as a being a part of a safari experience.

Our Room at The Garden Lodge in Kasane, Botswana Africa near Chobe National Park StuffedSuitcase.comUpon arriving at the lodge, we were greeted and filled out some paperwork with passport information. Our bags were taken to our room, and we followed soon after that with our skeleton room key and carved wooden keychain. The room fit so beautifully with the theme of the hotel. Not overstated, but so classic and clean with a rustic feel. Definitely a place where you can kick back and find relaxation and contentment.

Lunch Meal Food at The Garden Lodge Kasane, Botswana

Lunch: self-serve family style

The Garden Lodge Kasane Botswana Dinner Table

Dinner: courses served to each guest

Breakfast Table at The Garden Lodge Kasane Botswana

Breakfast: continental offerings and made to order meat & eggs

Outdoor Dining Table at the Garden LodgeWe were staying at The Garden Lodge with one of their packages so our meals were included with our room. The meals were served and all the guest ate together at a dining table. I was honestly a little unsure of how comfortable or uncomfortable it would be to eat with strangers, but it was a delight. Some of the staff ate with the guests, and there were three other parties of guests who were staying the same time we were. An Australian couple, an uncle and nephew from Peru, and another family from Zambia were all visiting. Meal times were a great time to learn about the lives and areas of other countries. The staff were also great in encouraging conversation and sharing stories and tales about the lodge and Africa.

A Photo Journey - Pictures taken on my African Safari River Cruise along the Chobe River in Botswana Africa travel  Photos of the Safari Animals I saw in Chobe National Park Botswana, Africa
Our package also included two Chobe River safari cruises and one safari drive through the Chobe National Park. Our guide, Innocent (who also picked us up at the airport), was an amazing asset to have for our vacation. He grew up locally, and understood the habitat and nature of the Chobe River & National Park so well. Many times he would spot animals most us couldn’t see even when he pointed! I know some people like to rent cars and explore on their own, however I really have to say it’s worth it to have a knowledgeable guide. Safety is also a concern, and I felt assured that Innocent understood the animals and would know how to react if a situation arose.

The Garden Lodge Botswana Yard Patio

The Garden Lodge Amazing Staff & Service

The grounds are beautiful, the food delicious, and the safaris unforgettable, but another huge benefit of The Garden Lodge is the staff. They were all so friendly and helpful. Creating a safe and welcoming environment is an area where The Garden Lodge excels. I know I’ll be returning to Botswana again, hopefully with my family this time, and staying again at The Garden Lodge will be a must do on my list.

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Wednesday 29th of April 2015

Its great to hear that you enjoyed my country ( Botswana). Its encouraging and helps us do better.


Friday 28th of March 2014

Amazing photos! Looks like a great place to stay!


Wednesday 2nd of April 2014

It was such a nice getaway hotel! You'll have to try and visit sometime Angela.


Friday 28th of March 2014

Chobe ranks up there for me as one of the best places I've ever visited. I love that everyone ate at the same table...get to know people! Beautiful shots!


Wednesday 2nd of April 2014

Thank you Corinne! I really want to return to Chobe again. I'd also like to visit Etosha. Have you been there? Eating at the same table was such a nice experience. I loved meeting people from other countries and discussing current events and travel experiences with them.


Wednesday 26th of March 2014

What an amazing adventure! I would love to visit these places. Definitely on my "bucket list"


Wednesday 2nd of April 2014

Hope you can visit Africa Annette! It's such a unique and beautiful experience.


Wednesday 2nd of April 2014

Hope you can visit Africa Annette! It's such a unique and beautiful experience.

capturing joy with kristen duke

Monday 24th of March 2014

what a fabulous adventure! how would you feel taking your kids to Africa? I'm wondering if we should leave ours behind (Ghana)


Tuesday 25th of March 2014

I would definitely take my kids when they get a bit older. I'm not sure about what the environment/safety is like in Ghana, so can't really give input on what to expect when visiting there. Each country and even areas in the country are vastly different in socioeconomic situations and safety. One of the big things about traveling to Africa were the vaccinations I had to get, as well as the malaria meds I had to take while on safari. That's definitely something to keep in mind when considering bringing your kids. However, the exposure to a different culture, the awareness of true poverty, and the viewing of a unique wilderness, all make me want to return and share the experience with my kids.