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These Kokoon Headphones Will Help You Relax and Sleep with Meditation

Let’s be honest. It’s a stressful time right now. I scroll through Facebook and see so many of my friends posting about having trouble sleeping. While at CES earlier this year I was able to find a set of headphones that are designed to get you to relax and fall to sleep, Kokoon.

Thank you to Kokoon for partnering with me on this post, all thoughts are my own based on my experience.

kokoon headphones on bedside table
Kokoon Headphones ©Kim Tate

My original plan for this campaign was to use my pair of Kokoon headphones on my trip to Japan. They’re ideal for noise-canceling on a plane and helping you get to sleep on those noisy flights. But since I’m not traveling at this moment, I’m giving them a try at home!

Kokoon Headphone Design and Fit

One of the things I love most about the Kokoon Headphones is the soft feel and fit of them! They’re not like any over-the-ear headphones I’ve used before. They’ve been designed to wear all night, so knowing that you can imagine how soft and comfortable they designed them.

The ear cups are free rotating and can actually spin 360 degrees. This makes them fit really comfortably against my head. I honestly love how they don’t have a tight pressure feel that I’ve experienced with my other headphones (which happen to be a name brand and pretty expensive!)

They also have a soft jersey knit fabric covering the headband and outer ear cups. The ear cups also have a second faux-leather inner ear cup that helps create an additional sound barrier.

Kokoon headphones ear cups with EEG sensors. ©Kim Tate

I often edit podcasts on flights and these headphones seem like I’ll be able to wear them longer than my current headphones.

How Kokoon Works

The Kokoon headphones work as any standard Bluetooth headphones. You can wear them while working to stay focused, and you can wear them to sleep with the Kokoon app meditations and sounds.

They also have a 3.5mm headphone cord that contains a mic and allows you to use the headphones to take calls.

Inside the ear cups, you’ll notice there are five metal “buttons” that are EEG brainwave sensors. These buttons are “floating” so I don’t actually feel or notice them in my ear.

Together with the sensors and your body movement, the Kokoon app will sense when you fall asleep and introduce white noise to help block any unwanted sounds.

Relax and fall asleep with Kokoon meditations and sounds. ©Kim Tate

Kokoon headphones and the app work together to prevent sound distractions intelligently. The headphones have active noise canceling and passive noise isolation. This helps you block out sounds like a snoring partner, loud neighbors, or the sound of plane engines. I can’t wait to take them on a long flight.

Using the Kokoon App

The Kokoon app gives you options for guided meditations, soundscapes, and music. I personally love the campfire sound when I want to relax. The relaxing meditations are also great and help me calm down and focus on my breathing.

kokoon app

The cool thing about Kokoon is that it uses your EEG readings and movements to figure out which sleep guides work the best for you. If you wear the headphones while you sleep you’ll get a sleep report. And you’ll get recommendations for tracks that might work well for you.

kokoon sleep report

I will say that I think the sleep report technology needs a little work. It will show me falling asleep when I know I wasn’t sleeping. I guess I was so relaxed and still that the headphones thought I dozed off. :)

Accessories Included

The Kokoon Headphones come in a slim carrying case. It’s about 6″ x 9″ in size and zips shut. It has firm sides and works well to pack your headphones in your bag or store beside your bed.

You’ll also get a Kokoon eye mask that will help you escape even more from distractions.

Lastly, you’ll receive a 3.5mm jack headphone/mic cord and a micro USB cord for charging. The cords are all fabric weave wrapped which is a nice touch.

Buy Kokoon For Yourself

Right now the Kokoon headphones are $315 for one pair. If you’re buying as a couple you can save 20% and pay $580 for two pairs. There are two color options, black and grey. Save 10% with my coupon code, stuffedsuitcase10.

I can’t wait to pack these headphones for my next trip, but in the meanwhile, I’ll keep using them to relax and fall asleep during these chaotic times!

block sound meditation kokoon headphones
kokoon headphones on nightstand

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Caroline Makepeace

Wednesday 15th of April 2020

These look really cool. I'm having a lot of trouble falling to sleep lately, so I'd be interested to see what kind of program it could match to my patterns!


Friday 10th of April 2020

I love the look of these! I'm a side sleeper so I don't know if they would work for me but I would be tempted to try just to block my husband's snoring and to help me relax. Anything that can help me sleep these days!