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Using ibi to Back Up and Share Photos on Vacation

This post has been written in partnership with ibi. All thoughts and opinions are my own based on our experience using ibi.

Do you take trips with friends and family and always struggle to figure out how to share photos with each other? Or perhaps you want to make sure your vacation photos are backed up and safe while traveling, without relying on a cloud storage service?

girl vacation photo selfie
Taking photos on vacation is fun! ibi helps you back them up and share them from your phone!

While at CES, I discovered how ibi works to back up your photos and allow you to share photos easily with your family and friends.

The ibi storage device has 1TB of storage, which is enough for over 250,000 photos or 100 hours of video and connects to your home WiFi network. While traveling you can utilize the ibi app to select what photos you want to back up and create albums to share with friends and family who are along on the trip with you.

ibi photo storage back up device
ibi is a photo storage device that plugs in and lets you easily back up, store, and share your images.

We take vacations with my brother-in-law every summer, and every year we’re faced with the dilemma of how to best share photos with each other. You can’t email a large number of photos, and some people don’t want to use a cloud storage system, especially if you’re on different platforms like Google versus iPhone.

With the ibi photo storage system and ibi app I can invite my brother-in-law to share an album with me. We can both add photos to the album and download the album images to our phones.

ibi app
You can let family members share ibi or just invite family or friends to share or view certain photo albums you create.

ibi also keeps the original photo and doesn’t do any compression or alteration of the image. Which is a huge factor for my husband and for anyone who wants to perhaps print the photos and needs the original quality.

I also love that the device can act as an external drive, so you’re not limited to only accessing your photos via the ibi app. You can use the device to back up all your images, and then plug the device into your computer to access the files as you would access an external drive to copy and paste or add the images to another backup source.

With the ibi app you can also choose to automatically backup all the images you take on your phone. So, you’ll have a quick and easy way to back up your images to an external source without relying on manually choosing the images.

And setting up ibi is so simple! I simply plugged in the device to power, downloaded the ibi app, and then followed the directions. The app with scan for the device and you’ll need to connect to your home wifi. You only need to plug into power so you can store the device anywhere in your house that has wifi coverage.

Once you’ve finished the simple set up you’ll be able to decide if you want to back up all images or just add select images. And you’ll be able to invite others to share the device with you. So, it’s easy to back up any images your family takes or send an invite to others to share with you.

For a family that wants to back up their images in case of loss or theft, the ibi photo system is a simple device to make sharing and backups easy. It’s a great way to save and share all of those fabulous family vacation memories!

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Back up and share your vacation photos easily from your phone!
ibi makes it easy to back up and share your vacation photos.

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