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My 3 Favorite Parenthood Features on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Thank you to AT&T for providing the Samsung Galaxy S7 active for me to test.

Water Repellent: ready for the pool & beach

Granting the phone it’s ‘active’ tag, the Samsung Galaxy S7 active holds a IP68 rating and a military-grade body, meaning that water and dust won’t bring it down. I’ve taken this phone with us to a lazy river in Orlando, and along for a kayak ride in the Puget Sound, both times knowing that it could handle the water environment.

Underwater pics for family

Underwater pics for family

For parenthood, this means your phone can join you at the pool, or even on a sandy beach, and you’ll be ready to capture & share photos with friends and family. There’s even an “aqua” mode in the camera settings, perfect for those cute underwater shots.

Battery Life: ready from sun up to sun down

I’ll admit that one of the reasons I’ve struggled falling in love with android phones in the past is because of their battery life. The Galaxy S7 active has a 4,000mAh battery, which is much larger than the 2,550mAh battery the S6 carried. I think Samsung has also been working to make their OS software pull less from the battery.

I’ve used this phone on two vacations now, and it’s powered me from sun up to sun down, which surprised me based on my previous experiences. For parenthood, the S7 active’s large battery can help you power through the day on your family adventures.

Quick Action Buttons: ready for single handed use

One of my favorite features that Samsung phones have is the fast launch camera with a double click of the home button. I can’t tell you how many times this has come in handy when trying to quickly snap a photo, or when I’m holding something in one hand and trying to capture a shot without needing to open any screens or apps. The S7 active has still has this helpful fast launch camera, but it’s got something new too!

The S7 active features a new Active Key on the left side that let’s you program some preferred quick launch actions. The button has three function options, which you can program. Defaults are: Short Press = Activity Zone (widget style screen that can show weather, barometer, S Health readings, compass, flashlight, and stopwatch); Long Press = DirectTV; Double Press = Emergency Zone. You can program these buttons in the settings to launch specified programs.

These are my favorite 3 features for parenthood on the Samsung Galaxy S7 active, but I also want to mention the great cameras, 4K video, and expandable memory. The shatter-resistant build also makes it a good fit for families with fumbly toddler hands, or even fumbly adult hands.

Be sure to check out the S7 active at your nearest AT&T store, or online.

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