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Where’s Fido? How to Spy on Your Dog When You’re Away

Thank you to Comcast for partnering with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own based on our experience with our home camera.

We’ve had our labradoodle Sophie for five years now and she’s become such an important part of our family. Both of my daughters are completely in love with her, so it’s no surprise that we wonder what she does when we’re away from home.

dog on xfinity security camera
Ever wonder what your pets do while you’re away from home?! © Kimberly Tate

Our home security camera has become a really useful tech gadget for our family. We love using it to help keep an eye on our home while we’re traveling. But we also love that it lets us peek in on Sophie and see what she’s up to. Occasionally we’ll hide treats in the camera field of view so that we can watch her find them.

But what if you can’t check in on your pup all the time and still want to see what they were up to while you were away? Comcast has a solution! Home customers that use their Xfinity camera with recording can watch saved video clips that feature their pets.

I love that we can quickly pull up our Xfinity Home app and see all the times Sophie was caught on video. You can also sort by People and Vehicles – great if you’re monitoring your front door. The camera is an indoor/outdoor camera and you can have multiple cameras in the house. It also has Night Vision so you can see the action even in the dark.

Another cool feature is that you can use your Xfinity voice remote to “Show Me My Cameras” and view the live action from your tv. This is great for kids who are staying home alone because they can see who is at the door if someone knocks (if you have a camera at your front door).

As a mom, I also want to share what I researched about the recorded video security. I’m happy to report that the Pets (and People/Vehicle) monitoring and tagging are done via AI, Artificial Intelligence. All the recorded video is stored for a limited time on an encrypted server and isn’t viewed or monitored by people.

Tips for Placing Your Home Camera

  • Indoor placement should be in a corner that allows a wide field of view
  • Choose a location that lets you see an access point
  • If you have something valuable, such as art or a tv, consider placing the camera to see that item so you can identify theft easily
  • Front door cameras should be placed to allow the maximum field of view of your door and driveway access
  • Your cameras will need to be plugged in so consider wall outlets when choosing placement. Exterior cameras might need professional installation that allows for electric wiring
xfinity security camera
Get your own Xfinity home camera to spy on your fluffy © Kimberly Tate

As a dog mom, I love checking in on Sophie throughout the day. It’s a great perk that comes along with using the camera for monitoring our home security. You can order your own Xfinity camera online and have it professionally installed or install it yourself. The saved recordings are an additional $10/month, but the live view comes with the camera.

comcast xfinity pet camera
How to keep an eye on your pets while you’re away from home.
© Kimberly Tate

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