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Family Fun with the Nintendo 3DS XL – Perfect for Travel

Just in time for the holidays, I’m sharing one of Mia’s favorite travel tech toys. The Nintendo 3DS XL. This game system is perfect for family travel since it’s so portable, and has some great games available. Thank you to Nintendo for providing us a system and games to take along on our recent trip!

One of the biggest things you might not know about the Nintendo 3DS game system is that they have an eShop of games. So, just like buying apps, you can buy digital games. This is a big plus for travel so you don’t have to worry about traveling with multiple cartridges.

On our recent trip to the Dominican Republic, Mia brought her 3DS XL along. She fell in love with the Disney Art Academy game. It works through different drawing techniques and difficulties to allow kids to draw their favorite Disney characters. She’s pretty proud of her portfolio.

Disney Art Academy is a fun drawing lesson game available on the Nintendo 3DS - great for family vacations!

Disney Art Academy is a fun drawing lesson game available on the Nintendo 3DS – great for family vacations!

Another reason for loving the Nintendo game system is they have the old classics! I grew up playing Super Mario Bros on my old classic Nintendo Entertainment System, and now I can play it again! Brings back lots of memories, and it’s the one game I can show off some skills on to my daughters.


My hubby was a Donkey Kong fan, so he was excited to see all the Donkey Kong offerings he could play on the Nintendo 3DS XL. It really is fun for the whole family, and you might be fighting your kids while traveling. I’m sure you remember how addicting trying to beat your high score was as a kid!

A few things to share about the 3DS XL game system that I think are good to know. Again, you can buy cartridge games, or digital games. This also means you can buy Nintendo eShop gift cards, perfect for holiday gifting. Also, the 3D capability does not require any special glasses, and can be turned off. Lastly, the XL really is great for the larger screen size, yet still means the system is portable and easy to travel with.

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Sunday 27th of November 2016

What a great article. So often we hear about unplugging but there are ways to use technology to enhance the travel experience. Nice tips and ideas. Thanks!