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Android & iPhone Apps Kids Love : Perfect for Family Trips

We’re a technology loving family and during our travels we all enjoy more relaxed screen time allowances. Of course there are also some great ways to keep kids entertained while traveling without the use of screens, but most people enjoy using electronics during their travels. If you’re heading out on a trip this holiday season, be sure to load your kids up with some fun new apps to keep them entertained along the way. I used the Kids’ Choice approach in compiling this list of Android & iPhone Apps kids love!

Android & iPhone Apps Kids Choice

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Minecraft PE[attr style=”width:150px”],”Minecraft Pocket Edition :: while not as robust as the PC version, this is still a favorite way for kids to get their Minecraft fix.”,Google / iTunes

Minion Rush,”Despicable Me: Minion Rush :: Jump, roll, dodge and scramble against others in fun, fast-paced missions.”,Google / iTunes

Clash of the Clans,”Clash of the Clans :: build your army and go to war in this epic strategy game.”,Google / iTunes

Logos Quiz,”Logos Quiz :: name that popular company logo (many need parent’s help on this one).”,Google / iTunes

Guess the Song,”Guess the Song :: a fun take on name that tune.”,Google / iTunes

Circle,”Circle :: super simple game of moving the circle along the line without allowing it to touch.”,Google / iTunes

Bouncy Seed,”Bouncy Seed :: an addictive game of drawing trampolines to bounce the seed and keep it moving.”,Google / iTunes

Piano Tiles,”Piano Tiles :: even my husband gets trapped trying to have the fastest tile touching.”, iTunes

The Blockheads,”The Blockheads :: a great free app similar to Minecraft that doesn’t have some of the darker side of Minecraft.”,Google / iTunes

Subway Surfers,”Subway Surfers :: can’t say that the general concept, jumping trains and graffiti, are great for kids however kids love this game and I’m pretty sure my girls aren’t going to take up city train jumping.”,Google / iTunes

Stick Hero,”Stick Hero :: draw certain length sticks to give your hero the “umpfff” he needs to jump.”,Google / iTunes

Can You Escape,”Can You Escape :: solve puzzles and find stuff to be able to break out of the room.”,Google / iTunes

Fruit Ninja,”Fruit Ninja :: slice the fruit but avoid the bombs!”,Google / iTunes

Fish out of Water,”Fish Out Of Water! :: bounce, jump, and swim your way to points. Plus, cute fish!”,Google / iTunes[/table]

LeapFrog Apps for the Little Ones

[table th=”0″]Paw Patrol[attr style=”width:300px”],”PAW Patrol: Ready for Action :: Join Ryder and the PAW Patrol on a mission to rescue lost kittens. Use logic and reasoning to get past obstacles — it’ll take the right pups and the right tools to get the job done!”,LeapFrog

Disney Planes,”Disney Planes:Wings Around the Globe :: Boost mathematics and weather skills in the greatest aviation race in history.”,LeapFrog

Octonauts Learning,”Octonauts Learning Game :: OctExplore! Rescue! Protect! Dive into science on action-packed missions with the Octonauts and learn about amazing sea creatures and their habitats.”,LeapFrog

Little Mermaid,”Disney Little Mermaid Learning Game :: Dive into Ariel’s adventures, and use mathematics skills to explore special moments from her enchanting life. Search for fascinating human artifacts in exciting underwater treasure hunts, and dance the night away with Prince Eric!”,LeapFrog

Get Ready for Kindergarten,”Get Ready for Kindergarten: Ozzie & Mack ABCs :: Build reading skills with Ozzie and Mack while playing fun letter recognition games.”,LeapFrog


Now you’re ready to load up your devices and give your kids some new entertainment as you head out on your travels. Did I miss including your kids’ favorite game? Comment below and tell me your best android and iphone apps, kids choice!

Looking for some new games to load on your kid's electronic devices before heading out to travel? Here are a collection of the best Android & iPhone apps kids love, kids' choices! Have fun finding new games they'll love!

All the best Android & iPhone apps kids love!

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