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Printable Ireland Packing List of the Essentials You Need to Pack [PDF]

Are you wondering what to pack for Ireland? I recently took my first trip to The Emerald Isle and felt like I did a pretty good job of packing what I needed for the trip. I created an Ireland packing list printable to help you get ready for your own trip (printable is at the end of this post).

Ireland Packing List
Get my printable Ireland packing list at the bottom of this post.

What to Pack for Ireland

The first essentials you need to pack to visit Ireland is all about the clothing you’re going to wear. I visited in early April and had moderate temperatures during that time. Coming from Seattle I felt well-equipped for the 50-60 F degree weather. You’ll want to check the predicted weather for Ireland for your travel dates to help determine how many layers you’ll need.

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Clothes to Pack

I found that I preferred my Columbia travel pants over jeans because they dry out quicker than denim. However, jeans are certainly thicker and you might prefer those if the weather is expected to be cold. I also wore basic black leggings with a sweater and my jacket.

For almost all seasons you’ll want to wear layers. This really matters when you’re choosing what tops to pack. I recommend comfortable long sleeve tops and sweaters. Depending on the time of year you might also want to pack short sleeve shirts. If you like wool sweaters, be sure to budget for buying a local Aran sweater while in Ireland. I wish I would have bought one before or during my trip!

When packing for Ireland, keep in mind that you might get damp/wet when out touring during the day. I recommend having a few extra outfits to change into in the evening. I find maxi dresses great for rolling and packing, pair them with a cardigan and you’re set. Men can change out their travel pants if needed.

Ireland is a very casual country to tour around so you likely won’t need to pack too much dress wear. If you’re planning to stay at a luxury hotel or eat at a formal restaurant you’ll want to pack some nicer clothes. Simple dresses, skirts, slacks, or dress shirts are totally fine. Overall you can pack casual clothes to wear in Ireland.

I added a swimsuit to my packing list, however, I did not need a swimsuit. I only added it to the list in case you have plans to visit a spa or have a pool at your hotel. There are some swimming spots around Ireland but keep in mind that it rarely gets higher than the low 70s (F).

What Shoes and Accessories to Pack

I’m pretty excited about sharing this section because I found what I think are the best shoes for Ireland! I purchased a pair of Forsake Patch boots and wore them all the time during my 12-day trip. They kept my feet dry and warm in the rain. Plus they’re fairly lightweight for hiking boots and I liked that they weren’t clunky. I wore mine as hiking shoes and walking shoes.

Forsake boots are the perfect shoes for Ireland
My Forsake Patch boots were the perfect shoes for Ireland!

I personally wore my Forsake boots for all my city touring as well as country walks. If you prefer you can bring along another pair of shoes for city walking.

If you’re packing dress wear you might want to bring a pair of flats, too. We were dining at some nice restaurants so I brought my Rothy’s for dress shoes. I also considered bringing my Hunter rain boots but felt that the weather wasn’t going to be wet enough to require the extra packing space they’d require.

Depending on the weather and how well you handle cool temps, you might want to pack a scarf. Consider an infinity scarf that will wrap around your neck so you don’t have to worry about keeping the scarf on in windy weather.

Rain Gear to Pack for Ireland

We can’t talk about packing for Ireland without discussing rain gear. You should be prepared for sunny weather, light sprinkles, and even windy, heavy rains. For my trip, I packed a cute water-resistant raincoat. I chose it because it was red and stylish and would look cute in photos. Plus, it had a hood! It also had a light lining so it was perfect for 50F degree temps.

I layered a Columbia fleece under my raincoat and paired with a hat and gloves for cooler days.

If it’s expected to rain hard during your trip you might want to consider packing a waterproof rain jacket instead of just a water-resistant one. And if you’re expecting cooler temperatures you might want to pack a heavier coat that is also waterproof, don’t forget to get one with a hood. I brought along my Columbia fleece to layer under my raincoat for cool nights and mornings. A knit cap and gloves can also be a good idea to stay warm on colder days.

I also packed a travel umbrella for the trip and did use in a couple of times. It was really small which I loved, but I’d highly recommend packing a wind-proof umbrella because mine got blown upside down a couple of times.

Another rain gear item you’ll want is a waterproof day bag. As you’re hiking and touring you’ll want something comfortable to wear to store all your supplies and a water bottle. Crossbody bags are great too, just make sure you chose a waterproof one so your items will stay dry. Also, try to choose one with a water bottle pocket.

Extras to Pack for Ireland

Beyond your clothes and toiletries, there are a few more things to pack for your trip. The first is the currency. For traveling in Ireland you’ll need Euros for cash. If you’re traveling to Northern Ireland you’ll need to bring British Pounds.

You can order the currency in advance at your local bank branch or AAA travel center or get cash at an ATM when you land. There will be fees associated with both options.

You’ll also need to pack a plug adapter(s) for Ireland electric plugs. You’ll need a Type G and it’s not the same as those for Europe/England. Ireland does also use a higher voltage, 250V, than we do in the US, 110V. Keep in mind that you’ll want multiple adapters or a multiport adapter if you have multiple items to charge.

I didn’t need to buy a voltage converter since all of my plugs (iPhone, Macbook, etc) have chargers that can handle the higher voltage. You can see the voltage notation on the plug blocks.

Next, consider what camera gear you want to take to Ireland. I recommend a waterproof camera if rain is expected when you’re on the coast. GoPro cameras are great for wet weather. I also recommend a waterproof phone pouch to keep your phone dry in the rain.

Lastly, if you’re traveling from the US, you might want to consider travel insurance. You’ll often find that your own medical insurance won’t cover leisure international travel. And if you have an emergency or a delay, travel insurance can help you get reimbursed for any expenses you spend to deal with delays or changes in plans.

Of course, don’t forget your passport (and visa if your country requires one). I also recommend making a copy of your passport and credit/debit cards (front and back) and store them separately so you can act quickly if you lose any of your documents.

Now if you’re planning a trip to Ireland you’ll know exactly what to pack. Get my printable Ireland Packing List PDF packing list HERE:

ireland packing list printable
Printable Ireland Packing List [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

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