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The Secret Way to Fly Better with Frontier Airlines

I recently traveled to Denver, Colorado to meet with the Frontier Airlines team and talk about their new programs that will make traveling with Frontier even better. Frontier Airlines is considered a low cost carrier, meaning they keep the ticket prices low and allow passengers to decide what extras to add on to their tickets. Their motto is ‘Low Fares Done Right’. I was surprised to learn they’re not just a Denver airline anymore. They fly to more than 90 destinations in the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic and Mexico on nearly 300 daily flights.

Frontier shared with me about their new credit card and updated points program. Both of these have perks that might really interest family travelers, especially if you’re always a bit jealous at those business travelers who have the special elite perks. Here’s how Frontier Airline‘s updated FRONTIER Miles points program and their new Frontier Airlines World Mastercard make family travel better.

At Frontier Airlines headquarters in Denver, Colorado learning about their new credit card and updated points program.

FRONTIER Miles Loyalty Program

Mile for Mile Earning

Instead of some airlines who now award miles based on the amount of money spent, FRONTIER Miles are earned based on the miles you fly. You’ll earn 1 mile for every 1 mile flown. So even if you’re traveling on a deal ticket from Denver to Orlando, you’ll earn miles for that long-distance flight.

Elite Status Benefits

There are some great benefits for elite status flyers. You can see that the first base level of elite status starts to give benefits that cost extra on Frontier. You can carry-on a bag, pick your seat, have priority boarding, and even have a chance for getting a stretch seating seat when you check-in.

Elite Status Benefits with FRONTIER Miles loyalty program for Frontier Airlines.

It is important to note that like many airlines, FRONTIER Miles will expire. You can keep your miles from expiring if you use a service with one of their partners, purchase a Frontier flight, or use your Frontier Mastercard, once every six months.

The Frontier Airlines World Mastercard is The Secret Way to Fly Better with Frontier Airlines

If you are planning to fly Frontier Airlines as a family, the new Frontier Airlines World Mastercard from Barclays could be a great option for you. Of course, you should be sure you are able to use your credit wisely and that having a new credit card won’t cause you financial hardships.

Get more when you fly with the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard.

Shortcut to Elite Status

Reaching elite status is easier with the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard since ever dollar you spend counts as a status mile. Spend $500 for back to school on the Mastercard, you’ve just earned 500 FRONTIER Miles and they count towards elite status. There are three levels of elite status that can be reached Elite 20k, Elite 50k, and Elite 100k.

Family Pooling

Perhaps the biggest benefit for families who don’t travel often is the opportunity to pool your miles together. A primary pool member can have up to eight pool contributors where everyone’s miles get pooled together to help reach redemption quotas. This is great for multigenerational families who want to put their miles together to help get a reward redemption ticket. You can ONLY obtain family pooling by reaching the Elite 20k status or with the new Frontier Airlines World Mastercard.

Family pooling is great for families who don’t fly often but want to work towards free flights.

Bonus When you Fly and Dine: 5 – 3 – 1 Miles Earning Structure

You can earn FRONTIER Miles quickly with the bonus earning structure on the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard. For every $1 you spend on airfare from when buying with your card you’ll earn 5x miles. If you spend $1000 on airfare with your Mastercard on, you’ll earn 5000 FRONTIER Miles. And for every dollar you spend at restaurants, you’ll earn 3x miles on those purchases. All other purchases earn 1 mile for every dollar.

Note, the bonus miles won’t count towards elite status qualifications, only earn you redemption miles. So, on the $1000 airfare purchase above you’ll earn 5000 FRONTIER Miles, but you’ll only have 1000 elite qualifying miles count towards your 20k, 50k, 100k status.

Sign Up Bonus – 40,000 Miles

Currently when you sign up for the new Frontier Airlines World Mastercard you’ll earn 40,000 bonus miles after spending $500 on purchases in the first 90 days and paying the annual fee. That’s enough to redeem for up to two roundtrip award tickets!

Earn $100 to Fly Each Year

Earn a $100 flight voucher after every account anniversary after spending $2,500 or more on purchases made with your card during the card membership year.

A few other perks for the card:

  • Keep miles from expiring by making at least one purchase every six months
  • Complimentary online access to your FICO credit score lets you keep an eye on your credit score and get alerts when Barclays learns your score has changed
  • Earn an award redemption fee waiver when you book an award ticket and pay related taxes and fees, starting at $5.60 for a one-way ticket
  • Zone 2 priority boarding is available to all cardmembers
  • Low introductory APR on balance transfers
  • No foreign transaction fees on international purchases
  • $0 fraud liability protection on unauthorized charges

My final secret tip for flying better with Frontier Airlines:

Discount Den

The Discount Den can be a big savings for families. It is a membership program that comes with a $49.99 fee, however families can make up that cost with one great deal. Discount Den members get exclusive access to super low fares. And they can buy those fares for up to six people as long as you’re all on the same reservation. For a family of four, if you can save $15 or more on each ticket with a low fare you’ll have paid for the membership.

If I lived in a Frontier focus city, Austin, Atlanta, Chicago–O’Hare, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Raleigh/Durham, San Antonio, or Trenton, I’d definitely consider flying Frontier Airlines if low cost flying was a fit for my family travel style.

Thank you to Frontier Airlines and Barclays for hosting Mia and on our trip to Denver!

Here's a secret tip for flying Frontier Airlines that can get you more miles and help you earn free tickets faster!

Here’s a secret tip for flying Frontier Airlines that can get you more miles and help you earn free tickets faster!

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