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Staying Active & On Time with Withings Activité Pop Watch

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed the fitness tracking wearables craze, those nifty little bracelets that tell you how many steps you’ve taken and perhaps push you towards living a more active lifestyle. Recently I was training for my very first triathlon and was surprised to note that some of the more popular trackers were not waterproof, so could not measure swimming workouts! However, I found a fitness tracker that looks awesome as a piece of jewelry, tracks my fitness, AND it’s waterproof and can track swimming.


The Withings Activité Pop watch actually looks like a watch and comes in some nice colors and designs that helps it look good and not just like a fitness tracking piece attached to your wrist. And it’s waterproof, which is ideal for those of us who want our swimming workouts to count towards our fitness levels, as well as saving us from removing the watch to shower.

It's waterproof and tracks swim workouts!

It’s waterproof and tracks swim workouts!

I love that I don’t have to worry about charging it since it comes with a standard watch battery that lasts 8+ months and can be replaced. Looking at your wrist will not only show you the time, but also shows you what percentage you are in your daily goal. The default is 10,000 steps, so the small dial will show you how close you are to reaching 100% of your daily goal, if you see the small dial at the halfway mark, that tells you that you’re at about 5,000 steps.

Quick glance tells you what percentage of your daily goal you've accomplished.

Quick glance tells you what percentage of your daily goal you’ve accomplished.

Opening the app will give you a more exact results and will automatically log your types of workouts. The Activité Pop recognizes the difference between walking, running, and swimming. Plus general activity workouts also get logged and counted.

The final helpful part of the Withings Activité Pop is the sleep tracking and analysis. Wondering how well you sleep at night? Just wear the watch and you’ll see when you were restless or sleeping like a baby. You can also set an alarm that will vibrate on your wrist to gently wake you up.

If you like to have a socialize with friends about your fitness, you can use the Health Mate app to earn badges and compete with your friends for the leaderboard spots. Can’t you just see this being a great gift for that brother / sister / or friend you’re always competing with?

Thought I’d show you a little bit about the Withings Activité Pop in case you’ve been looking for a waterproof fitness tracker or one that also works nicely as a watch or piece of jewelry. It syncs up with iPhones and Android and you can buy it at (affiliate links) AT&T or Amazon for $149 and you can get an additional wristband pack to change up the colors.

This watch was provided for me try, no compensation was provided and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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