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Double the Laundry, Manual Video in Your Pocket, and Virtual Vacuuming? LG Tech from CES

Love finding technology that makes you want to say “life’s good”? Check out the latest tech from LG that will let you add on a second washing machine, carry around a manual shooting 4K video camera in your pocket, and tell your vacuum where to go from your smartphone!

Recently I attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where I was able to see the latest in consumer technology as well as future products that aren’t even out yet. I was also able to partner up with LG to sponsor this post and share with my readers the latest smart tech LG is bringing to the home.

photo courtesy of LG

photo courtesy of LG

LG debuted their new LG SIGNATURE line at CES, which features products with the company’s best technology and best designs under a single name. Initially the LG SIGNATURE lineup includes a sharp 4K HDR-enabled OLED TV, a helpful TWIN Wash™ washing machine, a beautiful Door-in-Door™ refrigerator, an innovative hybrid air purifier, a feature-packed double-oven range, and a state-of-the-art TurboSteam™ dishwasher. More products will be included as the LG SIGNATURE line expands.

Laundry SideKick


One of the more exciting and unique products I saw at our LG breakfast was the TWIN Wash washing machine that featured the new SideKick add on pedestal washing machine. I was thinking it’s the perfect answer to washing your delicates, or even if you have an especially dirty soccer uniform that needs a bit extra cleaning.

Awesome Video Shooting


As someone who thinks the camera makes the phone, the new LG V10 has some stellar features to help it shine for photography and video lovers. After mentioning to an LG mobile team member that I really liked the V10 commercial, you know the one featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he told me that the whole thing was shot with the V10 smartphone. He then showed me how you can manually adjust and correct video while shooting. It’s amazing the kind of camera you can now carry around in your pocket!

The V10 also won the CES 2016 Videomaker Best of Show.

Virtual Vacuuming


Robotic vacuumming certainly has come a long way since the early days. Now LG is offering a Hom-Bot Turbo+, which claims work with augmented-reality technology. The vacuum features Triple Eye™ camera sensors which record the surrounding area — including the ceiling — to track where it has already cleaned. The augmented reality will allow you to snap a photo of an area on your smartphone that needs to be vacuumed and the Hom-Bot Turbo+ will find that spot and clean it up.

App-enabled vacuums are one area that I think will see a lot of integration with smart home technology over the next year. I expect even greater tech in this area at next year’s CES.

What’s your favorite new LG home tech product that would help make your life good?

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