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Nintendo 2DS XL is the Best Portable Game System for Traveling Kids

We had a busy summer of travels this year. As my girls have gotten older our travel tech has changed over time. When they were really little we’d use tablets and download movies and books for them to read. Now that they have cell phones, they often use those for listening to music and watching videos. However, they still enjoy using gaming devices, like our Wii and Nintendo Switch. But those aren’t really portable for vacation.

My girls have often traveled with the Nintendo 3DS XL devices we received a couple of years ago. They’re portable and let them play some of their favorite classic Nintendo games. However, we just received (gifted) the new Nintendo 2DS XL and they loved packing these new gaming systems for our summer vacations.

nintendo 2ds xl white orange

The 2DS XL is so portable and perfect for packing on a family vacation!

The Nintendo 2DS XL is extremely small and portable, a big plus for my girls when choosing what to pack. It’s only 3.4 inches by 6.3 inches, and less than 3/4 of an inch thick when closed. And it weighs in at just about 9 ounces. Since the screens are protected when you close it up, this is a great portable gaming device for trips. The 2DS XL is actually a tiny bit smaller than the 3DS XL, and the screens are 82% bigger than the traditional 2DS.

We also loved finding out that the girls could play all their old games on this system. No need to budget to buy all new games. The system uses the old 3DS games as well as many of the original DS games. And since my girls were never much of a fan of the 3D graphics, the 2D is all they need.

Mia made this video on her own showing what she likes about the Nintendo 2DS XL and playing some of her favorite games.

If your kids are like mine and still enjoy playing some classic video games when they travel, I recommend you look at the 2DS XL. Again, it’s very portable and I like that it closes up and can easily be zipped into a backpack pocket for the plane or car. It also makes a great Christmas gift! Check out my other great tween and teen Christmas list ideas.

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Saturday 8th of September 2018

Sometimes, when traveling, your kids can really get bored. This sometimes happen when you're waiting for your plane, when you're resting after your trips and many more. One of the ways to cope with this kind of problem is to let your kids entertain themselves with games. This blog post is very nice and helpful, especially for the parents out there who wish to not to let their kids get bored when traveling. It looks like this device helped you a lot. :)