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My Favorite Easy & Safe Portable Hotspot Travel WiFi

Planning a vacation and wondering what the best way is to have wifi while you travel? Public WiFi connections can be unsafe. Using a portable hotspot for your travel WiFi connection is an easy way to stay connected while you’re on vacation. It’s great for international travel as well as trips around the USA, too.

My travels these days rely on WiFi. Whether I’m just using Google Maps or if I’m looking for reviews on nearby restaurants, I need to be connected. I’m sure most of you agree. WiFi has suddenly become almost a necessity when we travel. Beyond sharing status updates and instagram photos we rely on it to show us where to go and what to do.


What you need to know about renting a mobile hotspot for WiFi while you travel.
© Kimberly Tate

After three successful trips using a TelecomSquare WiFi mobile hotspot I had to share all about it with you guys. Thank you to TelecomSquare for providing devices for my trips, as always my opinions are my own based on my personal experience. They’ve also given me a coupon code, KimberlyWifi, that will get you 10% off your rental!

International Travel

Taking an international trip is probably the biggest reason to rent a WiFi hotspot. I know some people can use their own data overseas by paying a daily surcharge, but what about when you’re a family? Or what if you need to connect your laptop or tablet, not just your phone. Those are the reasons I love using a mobile WiFi hotspot when I’m traveling internationally.

international mobile wifi hotspot

Mobile hotspots make it easy to use WiFi with multiple devices and when traveling internationally!

Get More Data for When You Travel

Another reason I’d recommend renting a WiFi hotspot is to give you extra data to use while you travel, even domestically. Especially for families, data can get used fast when everyone is on devices watching videos or listening to music while traveling. I know even when visiting Disney parks sometimes you can use a lot of data if you’re checking wait times often or on your phone when waiting in ride queues.

Connect Multiple Devices

A huge reason I love traveling with a hotspot is because it lets me connect multiple devices. As I said above, I can connect my laptop, tablet, and phone whenever I want. But for traveling families this is a big help. You can have one device that helps keep everyone connected if they need to get online, and you’ll know that it’s safe and your kids aren’t connecting to a questionable public WiFi.

TelecomSquare Mobile Travel WiFi Hotspot

Now that I’ve shared why I love using a mobile hotspot, I want to share which one I’m using. I rent hotspots from TelecomSquare. It costs as little as $6.99 per day for some of the plans and around $9-$17 per day for the premium plans in various countries. There is a shipping fee of $30 that includes the return postage as well as the delivery. Use the coupon code, KimberlyWifi, to get 10% off your rental!

The premium plans give you a higher data plan. If you go over your data plan you’ll notice that your speeds will slow down and might even stop, I’ve had the premium plans with 1GB per day so it’s never been an issue for me. You can also rent smartphones and SIM cards from TelecomSquare.

As I said above I’ve used Telecom Square on three trips, California, Canada, and Montana, and I’ve loved the experience every time. You do have to realize that the hotspots use cellular signals. If you’re in a place that doesn’t have a cell signal, the hotspot won’t work.

Visit their website to easily check how much it would cost for you to have a WiFi hotspot when you travel. I do recommend being sure to book at least a week before your trip so there’s plenty of time to receive the device. The earlier the better! And don’t forget to use ‘KimberlyWifi’ for 10% off your rental!


Stay safe when you’re connecting online while traveling with a mobile hotspot.
© Kimberly Tate

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