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50+ of the Best Tween and Teen Christmas List Gift Ideas for 2019

Shopping for a tween or teen girl and wondering what in the world to get them? I have two teenage girls so this teen Christmas list is filled with ideas they’ve given me to include and things I know they’ve been asking for recently. Gone are the days of turning down pages in a toy catalog, now we’ve entered the days of electronics, beauty products, and clothes.

Tech gift ideas that are popular for teens.

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Anker PowerCore 5000 Portable Charger

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Teens are always running low on battery - an external charger is handy for keeping in their backpacks or cars so they can always have their phone if they need it!

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Apple AirPods with Charging Case

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These are the thing that both of my teens have been begging for and something I've seen a lot of their friends have. Certainly one of the most popular ideas on a teen Christmas list.

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Play Impossible Gameball

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If you have a kid who loves to fidget and play, this Play Impossible Gameball will let them play games and move.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera with Case

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If you have a teen that likes to hang out with friends or take vacations, this cute instant-print camera will be a hit. This package comes with extra photo paper, a cute carrying case, and fun papers and borders.

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JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Does your teen like to hang out at friends' houses or in the backyard? This portable bluetooth speaker can clip easily to a backpack and lets them listen to music with their crew.

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Google Home Mini Smart Speaker with Google Assistant

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Teens love listening to music, setting alarms, and asking questions to smart speakers. We subscribe to Google Play Music, so the Google Home Minis can play our personal playlists, too.

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Waterproof Speaker Creatures Shower Speaker

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Super cute shower speaker that lets your teen listen to their favorite music while they take those hour-long showers. :)

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Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

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This is a fun bluetooth speaker that also has some color light options that are popular for those teens who always want to sit in the dark. :)

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Lenovo 11.6" HD Touchscreen 2-in-1 Chromebook

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If you're shopping for a Chromebook for your teen Christmas list, this one has great reviews and can become a tablet or laptop.

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Misfit Ray Rose Tone Activity Tracker

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If your teen is active and likes to stay healthy, they might appreciate a fitness tracker, however, most girls don't like the standard, bulky trackers. This one looks like a piece of jewelry which teens should appreciate!

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Speck Cell Phone Case

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You'll have to know what type of phone your teen has and then you can get them a new phone case for the holidays. My teen likes things simple, the fancy glitter cases aren't really what she or her friends are into. This simple clear case is protective and simple.

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Fun & Quirky Teen Gifts

These are some fun and quirky Christmas list ideas for a teenage girl.

Fuzzy Cute Animals Warm Slipper Socks

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Another one of my things that my teen has tried to steal is my fuzzy socks. She loves to wear them around the house. And since teens seem to veg better than any other age group, fuzzy socks will keep their toes warm during said lounging.

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Cute Dog & Cat Animal Socks

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If your teen likes to wear funny socks, these would be perfect. They have cat-themed socks, too!

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Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook 

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This is a fun gift for the doodler or writer -- they can draw or write then pop the notebook in the microwave and it magically disappears!

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Wraps Wearable Braided Headphone Earbuds

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These are a fun way for teens to carry around a pair of headphones. Make sure they use a traditional plug-in headphone adapter.

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Earphone Organizer Wrap

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Help your teen keep their headphones organized neatly in their bag.

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Beauty Gifts for Tweens & Teens

These ULTA Black Friday Specials make great gifts for teens!

LAVANILAgirl Healthy Deodorant

Cute packaging and aluminum free, these naturally based deodorants are perfect for stocking stuffers or adding to a beauty gift set.

Bath Fizzy Gift Set

If your tween or teen loves to relax in a bath, they’ll be sure to enjoy this fun bath fizzy gift set.

Shopping for a tween or teen girl? Here are some great beauty gift ideas for the special girl in your life!

Anything LUSH

Both my tween and teen are in love with LUSH cosmetics. And, my nieces and sister-in-law were the first to get us hooked on the brand. They’re known for their bath bombs, but sell all sorts of body and bath products. You can buy in the store, online, or even some stuff on Amazon.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

My teen love ELF makeup and skin care. It’s fairly affordable and seems to be decent quality. We often buy Lizzy e.l.f. makeup at Target.

12 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

A unique advent calendar perfect for teens, uncover a beauty product each of the 12 days of Christmas. But jump fast because they do sell out!

Embellished Hair Ties / Bracelets

My girls both wear hair ties around their wrists, so here’s a fun way to dress it up a bit!

tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder

My girls always love doing their nails, so here’s a fun accessory if your teen likes nail polish too!

Makeup Brushes Set

My tween loves playing with makeup. If yours has a similar interest, a set of nice makeup brushes can make a perfect gift. There are so many brush set options, so choose one that fits your budget.

LUNA Play Face Cleansing Device

Small but supercharged. Perfect for helping to keep that ever-changing teen skin clean and clear.

Pulleez Sliding Hair Tie

Fun way to dress up your tween / teen’s simple ponytail.

Bath & Body Gift Set

Sweet smelling soaps and lotions are always a hit with my girls, bath and body sets are perfect for gifting with a pretty great price!

Lighted Makeup Mirror

My teen loves using this mirror. She likes to get ready for school in her bedroom and uses this mirror to do her makeup and pluck her eyebrows.

Subscription Box Gifts for Tweens & Teens

Subscription boxes make great Christmas list ideas for teens. They’re an ongoing gift and teens love unboxing all their goodies to snap pics and share with friends. Here are some picks that my own daughters would add to their lists.

Stitch Fix

While I’m a fan of Stitch Fix and get quarterly boxes, both of my girls recently got boxes to try and they loved it. If you have a tween, there are Stitch Fix Kids for up size 14, my teen got a regular women’s box. I find that adding notes to my stylist about what styles I want (and mentioning your kid’s age) helps you get the best fit. Consider wrapping a certificate and walking through the style quiz account set up after gifting. That way your kids can select what styles they like best.

Owl Crate

Owl Crate is the perfect subscription box for teens who love to read. Each box contains a newly published hardcover book, 3-5 other bookish goodies (jewelry, collectible toys, stationery), as well as exclusive items from publishers and authors. Each box has a fun and unique theme too! They’re recommended for ages 14+, so if you’re shopping for a tween, consider the Owl Crate Jr that’s for ages 8-12.


Another great subscription box for teens is the LitJoy Crate. It also contains a new release book as well as a few bookish items. However LitJoy Crate also offers rare Magical Editions for Harry Potter fans. The one this year is available to purchase on November 21st and focuses on the Prisoner of Azkaban.

SpearCraft Book Box

SpearCraft Book Box is a monthly book subscription box that sends a newly published Young Adult novel and 5 + assorted bookish and fandom goodies to your door. SpearCraft Book Box quarterly is a deluxe seasonal book box that ships 4 times a year, 10% goes to charity. The Cat box is a quarterly box for cats and their humans! Treats, toys, gifts.

Doodle or Tinker Crate

If you have a budding artist or engineer you’re shopping for, look at these Kiwi Co gift boxes. Doodle and Tinker both focus on creative building. Doodle is a bit more crafty art, while Tinker is more hands on STEM activities.


Extremely popular subscription box for beauty lovers, and with a low cost, too. ipsy sends 5 popular beauty products each month.


Every month EarFleek will personally style cute and trendy earrings and deliver them to your home! You’ll receive the ultimate accessory that can pair with your outfit or perhaps you can show off to your friends! Shipping is FREE! and if you are not thrilled you can always return them!


(Beauty on the Inside) box is the perfect gift for tween girls ages 8-12. Each month’s box brings a new theme of strength and empowerment, accompanied by curated health & beauty products, inspiration, jewelry and fun stuff to support that theme. A great gift for your daughter, niece, or a friend. Support her inner beauty!

Palatteful Packs

A monthly art subscription service that contains some of the best art supplies to you, such as Winsor Newton, Golden, Copic, Strathmore, and Prismacolor. No matter your age or skill level, every box includes everything you need to create a work of art.

Mix Box by Homemade Bakers

If your tween or teen is a baker, here’s a gift box for them. Mix Box makes baking classic 100% homemade desserts and baked goods possible in your home! The easy, step by step instructions, in combination with pre-measured ingredients, makes for a perfect dessert every time you bake with Mix Box. Mix Box handles all of the inconvenient steps of baking and makes baking desserts easy and fun for everyone!


If you have a snacking teen, this box is perfect for them! They’ll love surprising their friends with their latest crazy foreign snack. Kids can travel to a new country every month and discover the best snacks and candies that country has to offer! Each box also includes a fun, 8+ page educational booklet.


LippieBox is a subscription box that ships 5 full-sized lip products to your tween / teen. Boxes only include age-appropriate items and never anything highly pigmented like lipsticks. They’ll never receive the same lippie twice. Items include: lip balm, lip scrubs, lip tint, lip gloss, and more.


At Sudzly, our focus is organic and all-natural bath and body care products. There are no dyes, fragrances or any unnatural ingredients in any of our products. Our boxes include soaps made with 85% organic ingredients and a carefully curated selection of handmade all-natural and organic products from local artisans across the US.

Escape the Crate

Shopping for a teen or tween who loves the trending Escape Room experiences? Give them an escape room experience at home with the Escape the Crate gift box. Each box features a different adventure delivered every other month. Work with your family and friends to crack codes, solve riddles, and discover hidden items…all in a beautifully crafted storyline. Find the clues, crack the codes, unravel the riddles, solve the mysteries, Escape the Crate. Boxes include ciphers, letters, sleuthing tools, puzzles, and more, for a 1 hour long game for a family game night!

Christmas List Ideas for Teen Travelers

Rose Gold Suitcase

My tween and teen both argue about who gets to use this suitcase on our trips; nevermind the fact that it’s actually MY suitcase!

Rose Gold Headphones

I splurged and finally bought a pair of beats rose gold headphones, and now my teen wants them, too! I found this pair on Amazon that isn’t quite as expensive so they could be a good idea. Keep in mind that teens do care about brand names…so those beats might be the preferred option.

Travel Backpack

Backpacks are the best carry-ons for teens. This one has special spots to route charging and headphone wires. It’s a mimic of the popular Herschel brand bags, so if you want a luxury splurge get the Herschel brand.

Toiletry Kit

Great for starting to feel like a grown-up, toiletry kits work well for helping teen girls keep all their skin care, makeup, and personal care items together.

Travel Bullet Journal Kit

This is a great gift for creative traveling girls. They can write and draw to remember their trips or use the pens and washi tape to stay organized and plan what they want to do on vacation.

Fashion Christmas Gifts for Teens & Tweens

Popular teen clothing stores are great places to get gift cards for them to choose their own clothes. There are a few classic items that are trendy, so if you want to get an actual item for a gift, consider asking at your local store location and the clerks can probably point you towards the trendy items.


These are the shoes my daughter wears and the same ones I see piled in our entryway when she has friends over. Look for Old Skool and Checkerboard Slip-Ons.


While Vans have overtaken these in popularity, they’re still a classic.

Forever 21


American Eagle

Hot Topic



Gift Cards – Easy Gift Ideas for Teens & Tweens

Even with all these ideas, there’s still one thing most teens like more than anything…cold, hard cash. They love the independence of choosing what to buy. Gift cards can help feel like you’re making an effort to know them, especially if you can find out from mom or dad what their favorite stores are. Some of the gift cards my teen dreams of receiving are:







Hopefully, this has given you some thoughts on what gifts might be on your tween or teen Christmas list of wishes. If you have some ideas that aren’t on my list but that your teen or tween is asking for, comment below and share!

And here are some other great gift ideas:

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Stop guessing at what's on your teen Christmas list - check out these trendy & fun gifts for tween and teen girls!

Surprise your teens by hiding their gifts and sending them on a Christmas Scavenger Hunt! Or wrap all the gifts using numbers instead of names for a mystery gift opening game!

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