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100+ of the Best Tween and Teen Christmas List Gift Ideas for 2020

Shopping for a tween or teen girl and wondering what in the world to get them? I have two teenage girls so this teen Christmas list is filled with ideas they’ve given me to include and things I know they’ve been asking for recently. Gone are the days of turning down pages in a toy catalog, now we’ve entered the days of electronics, beauty products, and clothes.

teen gift ideas

You’ll find gift ideas for teens in these categories below:

  • Tech Gift Ideas for Teens
  • Lifestyle Teen Gifts
  • Beauty Gifts for Teens
  • Subscription Box Gifts for Teenagers
  • Gifts Ideas for Teen Travelers
  • Eco-Friendly Teen Gifts
  • Games for Teens
  • Room Decor Gift Ideas for Teenagers
  • Gift Cards Your Teen Will Love

Tech Teen Christmas Gift Ideas

From chargers to earbuds, these tech gift ideas are popular with teens.

This teen Christmas list gift guide contains affiliate links. I might earn a commission if you make a purchase using my link. Thanks!

Fun Lifestyle Teen Gifts

These are some fun lifestyle Christmas list ideas for a teenage girl.

Also, check out these great teen stocking stuffer ideas and teen advent calendars!

Beauty Gifts for Teens

If your teen is into makeup and body products, this is these gift ideas are perfect for them! I often find great sales at Ulta and they have fun gift sets.

Subscription Box Teen Gift Ideas

My girls both love to get a monthly subscription in the mail. Here are the ones we've tried and other popular subscription boxes for teens.

Christmas List Ideas for Teen Travelers

Do you take trips with your teen? Here are some of the popular travel gear my girls like to use on vacation.

Eco-Friendly Teen Christmas List Ideas

Here's a list of gift ideas for teens who are passionate about the earth and shrinking their footprint. However, keep in mind that one of the best things we can do is to shop responsibly. Buy only what is needed and consider gifting experiences instead of stuff. :)

Fun Games for Teens

Does your teen like to hang out with friends or play games with their sibling(s)? Here are some of the popular games that my teens love or have on their Christmas list this year.

Room Decor Teen Christmas List Ideas

My teens practically live in their rooms. And they both like to have a few special items to express their personality. They also tend to keep their rooms clean now that they're proud of the decor!

Gift Cards Your Teen Will Love

Do you have a teen on your holiday shopping list? Are you at a loss as to what to buy them? You aren’t alone. Thank goodness for gift cards, because teens are so hard to shop for! Tweens and teenagers are very particular about what they like and frankly, teen needs these days are a lot differently these days. This is one of the reasons that I love gift cards for teens for gifts. Gift cards are great because while you are putting the thought into what type of gift card is just right for the teen you are buying for, they are still able to be independent and make their own choices with their gift.

There are so many awesome retailers out there though so it’s hard to know just what gift card to buy.  That’s why I put together a list of some of the most popular gift cards out there that your teen will love.

More Christmas Ideas for Teens

Stop guessing at what's on your teen Christmas list - check out these trendy & fun gifts for tween and teen girls!

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