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Valentines Scavenger Hunt – Free Printable Clues

There are a lot of ways to show your loved ones that you love them. I’ve always enjoyed giving gifts to my favorite people. I guess it’s one of my primary “love languages”. Surprise your kids with more than just a gift this year, lead them on a Valentines Scavenger Hunt. Using fun rhyming clues, your kids will be led around your home to eventually discover their Valentine gift.

While I never go overboard with gifts for Valentine’s Day, it is fun to create a little basket of goodies. Kind of like an extra easter basket. :) My valentines scavenger hunt clues will help you turn even the simplest gift(s) into a family fun game.

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Valentines Scavenger Hunt fun idea for kids!

Like so many of my other treasure hunts, this one uses fun rhyming clues to send your kids around your home. You can order the scavenger hunt clues in whatever order you want. Pick where you want to hide the gift and work from there. The final clue will direct your child to where the gift is hidden, so I like to work backwards so I know the gift will “fit” in that final clue spot.

How to Organize a Valentines Scavenger Hunt

Printing the clues is easy. These valentine scavenger hunt clues are 4 by 6 in size. This means you can easily print them on some nice photo paper. Then grab some envelopes and you’re ready to begin. The first step is to organize the clues in order of how you want the hunt to take place.

Once you have the clues ordered, number the envelopes and get hiding. This could be a really fun way to welcome your kids home from school on Valentine’s Day. Or, you could surprise them with the hunt on the morning of Valentine’s Day. Another idea I had was to enlist the help of your child’s teacher and hide a clue in your kiddo’s Valentine’s Day school lunch. Then that clue would lead them to the spot where the teacher hid another clue which will lead them to a spot when they get home.

Valentines Scavenger Hunt Clues

I’ve included six prewritten scavenger hunt clues and six blanks to allow you some options. These clues are for personal use only and not to be sold or used for commercial use (blog roundup single image and link use is allowed).

Valentines Scavenger Hunt | Valentines Day | treasure hunt | valentines gift ideas | valentine printable

Valentines Scavenger Hunt Clues Printable

Blank Clue Cards for Valentines Scavenger Hunt

Blank Clue Cards for Valentines Scavenger Hunt

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