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Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch Seattle Weekend

We took a Pumpkin Patch Seattle Weekend trip to the Bailey Vegetables Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze just north of Seattle this past weekend. It was our first trip to this Snohomish County pumpkin patch and our family’s first time visiting a corn maze! We were so lucky that the rain held off and while we didn’t have sun, most Seattleites recognize that any fall day without rain is a good weather day.

Pumpkin Patch Seattle Weekend Family Fun with Corn Maze Seattle Bailey Vegetables #fall #activity

Our first stop was the giant hay bales and tires that are set up as a definite temptation to play for most kids (and even some adults). The girls could have run and jumped and climbed on those things for hours. Smiling big the whole time!

Pumpkin Patch Seattle Weekend Bailey Vegetable Corn Maze Seattle Snohomish County WA family fun
Family Fun at Pumpkin Patch Seattle Weekend and Corn Maze at Bailey Vegetables in Snohomish County WA

Next up we took on the great 7 acre USA Corn Maze! You actually line up near Florida to take a tractor wagon ride up and around to Seattle, Washington. Once you offload at Seattle you can pick up a map and start the maze. I would say the goal is to get back to the “start” in Florida, but you might also want to visit the “sight-seeing” spots around the maze.

Family Fall Fun Tractor Ride to the Corn Maze at the Bailey Vegetable Pumpkin Patch Seattle Weekend

My husband and I had as much fun as the girls going through the maze. We let them start off and try to lead us, but after a while they happily handed over the maps and my husband started leading the road trip. If you’ve been on road trips, your Interstate knowledge can help you navigate the maze. Bailey Vegetables does a fabulous job with marking the “roads” of the maze with Interstate signs and Fun Facts about the states you’re in. When the girls hit Mexico, they handed the maps over to daddy.

USA Corn Maze Seattle Weekend Fall Fun Bailey Vegetable Snohomish County WA pumpkin patch fall family fun

There are stars on the map that represent special tourist interest sights. We went gold panning in California, walked under the Gateway Arch, played some baseball at Busch Stadium, boarded a boat at the Battle of Baltimore, checked out some teepees of the Great Plains Native Americans, and fought at the Alamo. These were surprises and we all enjoyed finding each “sight”. My husband and I enjoyed trying to guess what the star would represent.

USA Corn Maze Seattle Weekend of Fall Family Fun at Bailey Vegetables Snohomish County WA

Choosing our pumpkins to take home was our next stop for the day. There were LOTS of pumpkins of every size and shape and color, and we found just the right ones for each one of us. The pricing was very reasonable and we scored our whole load for $20.

Pumpkin Patch Seattle Weekend Fall Family Fun Bailey Vegetables Snohomish County WA

We all had a great Pumpkin Patch Seattle Weekend filled with lots of fall family fun. Have you visited a pumpkin patch this year? Has anyone been through a corn maze before?

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