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Valentines Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Planning fun scavenger hunts for kids is becoming one of my favorite family fun activities. My girls love hearing the fun rhymes and chasing down the next clue, and I love watching their smiles and bringing them joy! We don’t normally do big gifts for Valentine’s Day that need to be hidden, but this Valentines Scavenger Hunt can be used for any little toy or treat, it doesn’t have to be big.

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Looking for a fun activity for kids this Valentine's Day? Use these free printable valentines scavenger hunt clues to hide a little gift or treat for your kids and watch them solve the riddles to find the prize!

Valentines Scavenger Hunt Clues

These Valentines Scavenger Hunt clues are mainly for kids, but hey, adults can have fun too! I’ve created six clues for this scavenger hunt and also two blanks so you can create your own clues if you want. You can use the clues in any order, just make sure the place where you have your final clue lead will allow your gift to fit. These six clues lead to: clothes hamper, dvd player, shoes, bathtub, microwave, book(s).

Free Printable Valentine Scavenger Hunt Clues

Free Printable Valentine Scavenger Hunt Clues


Free Printable Valentines Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Looking for some gifts for your kids this Valentine’s Day? Here are some fun ideas I found on amazon that might help you with your shopping! (affiliate links)

Want to get a sweet gift for your kids for Valentine's Day? Here are some fun Valentine gift ideas for kids.

Valentine Gifts for Kids!

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