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The Moment You Realize You’re Parenting a Tween

Tracking PixelWhen both of my girls were little I had great fun creating fresh school lunches for them each morning. It’s this job of making lunch box meals that has me looking for new products to help on those busy school mornings, and why today I’m sharing my newest find in this sponsored post that addresses my life as the mother of a tween girl.

When my girls were very young I used special bento boxes that I had picked up at the Daiso dollar store in our local mall to pack their lunches. They had cute baby animals on them and featured sweet pastel colors. A little later down the road, I started using divided compartment lunch containers with silicon baking cups to separate the foods from each other. When my oldest started middle school this year we realized that her backpack was too full to fit these lunch boxes and I had to send her lunch in stand-alone food containers.

Welcome to the tween years

Welcome to the tween years

But it wasn’t until one very clear moment that I realized I had entered this tween parenthood phase. While I often send fresh fruits and vegetables to school for lunch, occasionally I use applesauce cups or pouches for the fruit portion. And it was during one of these times that I found I had a tween in my life.

After a busy day at school, my beautiful sixth grader came in the door and proceeded to say, “Mom, please don’t ever send a baby’s applesauce to school with me again.” This was it, my moment of realization. Suddenly this confident, outgoing girl was conscientious of the message her lunch was sending to the fellow tweens sitting at her lunch table.

This was one of the reasons when I saw the new Dole Fruitocracy applesauces, whose main focus is allowing tweens self-expression, individuality and creative reign above all, I grabbed my tween to ask her what she thought. And the verdict was, yes! So I happily signed up to take these new lunch box helpers for a test drive. The fact that Fruitocracy is made with all-natural, real fruit, and no high fructose corn syrup makes them a yes in my book too.


We received samples of all six new flavors and both of my girls took to the grueling task of test testing. Ok, let’s be honest, this wasn’t a grueling task. The hard part was keeping them from eating them all at once!

After dedicated studying, my tween has finally chosen the Apple Mixed Berry and Apple Strawberry as her favorites. She loved all of them but said the Apple Cherry was her least favorite of the group.

When I asked her if I could send one of these to school with her, she said, “yeah”. I then said, “well, why?” Her simple response was, “because I like the ombre and gradient colors, and the flavors are good”.

There you have it, I now have a quick and easy option for school lunch fruit on those busy mornings! We’ve also found they’re great for her gymnastics class snack break time.

Further tween parenthood recognitions have dealt with what age is ok for makeup, what clothes are appropriate, what technology apps are allowed, how to manage braces, and even why bed times are necessary; but also, her desire to start making meals at home, her reliance on me for questions about life, her developing sense of style, and the joy of seeing her grow up.

These tween girl parenting moments can be a roller coaster, but hopefully, my willingness to listen and hear what she’s saying will take us through to the other side…teen years. Oh dear!

Parenting a tween girl is a roller coaster ride, but it's listening during the dips that will help you rise to the top!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DOLE Fruitocracy.

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