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5 Fun Ways to Raise a Creative Daughter

I’m the mom of two girls. Two amazing, wonderful girls whom I love dearly. My hope as their mom is that I can do everything in my power to help them become creative, independent women. I’m proud of how well they do at school but my hopes for them go beyond just grades. I want them to be strong girls who are well-rounded and inquisitive.

S.T.E.M. wasn’t a term that was used when I was a kid. I loved science and tolerated math as long as it kept me out of English and foreign language. Funny that I now have a job that relies on all of those language arts classes. But I’m still excited by S.T.E.M. subjects, even as an adult, and it excites me to realize that my girls seem to really enjoy S.T.E.M. subjects as well. I think these courses are fundamental in helping them learn problem-solving skills and creativity. Beyond school though, I thought I’d share five simple ways I’m working in my girls’ lives to inspire them to be creative individuals.

Science Trips

My first method of inspiring their creativity is a bit selfish. I take them to cool science museums when we travel, which is something I enjoy already. Even in our hometown of Seattle we’ve enjoyed quite a few hours at the Pacific Science Center. Whether it’s a science center, a geological museum, or even a wildlife sanctuary, each place we visit helps them learn something new about our world.

If you’re wanting to stay in your hometown, look for a local museum or science center where your daughters can explore, read, and get hands-on with science. Let them be the guide and find what interests them. The quickest way I can make something boring is when I try to drag my kids along to do something. But when they’re in charge of where we go next they get excited and their natural curiosity leads the way.

pacific science center balance bike

Pacific Science Center hands-on experiences.
© Kimberly Tate

Reading Books

There’s been a big movement of creating literature that features strong women who can rescue themselves. I’ve had fun watching my girls find new books and hear what they think of the characters in some of the books they’re reading at school. You’d be surprised at how many books are all about boys’ adventures, very few feature girls’ adventures. I encourage you to seek out books that feature strong female characters who are creative and independent.

reading books

Reading books that feature creative, strong girls.
© Kimberly Tate

Special Clubs

Both of the girls have had opportunities to be a part of a robotics club at their schools. These clubs have been great for inspiring creativity since they’ve had to work on creating mechanical robots. It’s been fun hearing them talk about what they’re building and especially fun to hear how they’re troubleshooting problems. If you have the chance to get your daughter involved in a club like this through your school, I highly recommend it. My girls have learned teamwork and problem-solving in a way they wouldn’t have normally been exposed to.

stem girl

Have your kids get hands on with creative technology.
© Kimberly Tate


I’m an entrepreneur at heart so of course, I hope to inspire that in my girls as well. And I’m not talking about forcing your kids into building multi-million dollar corporations. Most of us have had to watch our kids run a lemonade stand. But what if lemonade stands were more than just boredom busters. What if you talked with your kids about the cost of supplies and how many cups of lemonade they need to sell to make a profit?

Mia once started a luxury spa service for our family. She made flyers and pricing sheets and everything. She encouraged us to pay for backrubs and tea service and you know what, we did it. Somehow we had inspired her to come up with a business idea and make it happen. Tell your kids to “Turn your ideas into action!” Empower your children to use their gifts to make a difference.


This final idea goes against what many of us are struggling with, screen-time limits. But I’ll explain why I put this one on here. I’ve seen my girls watch home decorating shows and cooking shows and even that show, How It’s Made, and each time they’re excited by what’s happening. They’re learning and being inspired to decorate, cook, or even just understanding the engineering behind how something works. Many times these are shows we’re watching as a family and it can be a fun bonding experience.

There you have my five ideas for how to raise creative daughters. Let’s teach our girls to Be Smart, Be Kind. Inspire your children to dream big, pursue their passions, and be kind to others along the way!

raise creative daughters

5 Fun Ideas to Help You Raise Creative Girls.
© Kimberly Tate

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Tuesday 16th of October 2018

Love this article! I've also got 2 daughters, ages 12 and 13 and we do many of the same things you do to stretch our kid's imaginations and interests. Funny about the screen time. I also find my kids spend a good deal of time watching informational videos about art, journaling and even on how to make the best slime and sell it (not sure I love the last one :) and also think it is a bonus.


Tuesday 16th of October 2018

LOL, my girls love watching all those kind of videos and it can really spark craft ideas for them. Slime selling got banned in our elementary school last year!